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Writing Material: Birkerts Agenda Item...

Agenda Item: “Many educators say that our students are less and less able to read, or analyze, or write with clarity and purpose.” - Birkerts, pg 63.

This agenda item was something that really stuck out to me in the beginning of the reading because it was a familiar idea. I found a very similar quote in the reading we did for Elbow. For the Elbow reading I used this agenda item below which presents much of the same sentiment as Birkerts above. The blame for poor student performance is being blamed on technology by Birkerts and on not being able to transition from oral language strategies to written by Elbow. Each author cites a different cause for the same problem.

“Leading theorists tell us that the poor thinking we see in many of our students stems from their not yet having made that great developmental leap from oral language strategies to written or literate language strategies,” - Elbow, pg 136.

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