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*Please note that since my initial entry I have changed the categorization of one of the articles. I have switched the National and Local stories. The way that they are labeled now is much more accurate.

National News

The national news story appeared in The Jersey Journal. It was written from an angle that focused on recent campus incidents, and on the recent media coverage of the incidents. This probably also could have been an article that I flip flopped with the New York Times local news story. They had many overlapping characteristics for each form. This article really offered the play by play account of the events that occurred on the campus, and it was also posted on the 23rd which would have given the author ample time to get the facts straight.

The article refers to Perez as a “jilted high school student” and the addition of the word jilted to that description adds to how we are going to perceive her. This article also cites the Police Chief and gives some direct quotes from him. It is just kind of unclear to me if he is a member of the Corpus Christi Police or the Jersey City Police. Similar to the other articles this one refers to the possible amount of jail time that Perez could receive.

In my opinion the most important detail in this article is the amount of money it cost to shut down the college for 5 hours and search it for bombs and threats. The article stated that “$250,000” was spent in this effort.

Local News

The local version of the story came from the New York Times. I think it was appropriate to choose this version of the story as the local one because of the location of New York being so close to New Jersey. The labeling of Christy Perez in this article is as a woman, which is indicated in the title and in the article’s lead. The article does in fact focus on the region and its inhabitant like most local articles are supposed to do.

One thing that I am unclear about in this article is the fact that it says that the 19 year old male student was the one receiving the threatening e-mails and not the female roommate. The first article says “the threatening e-mails were sent to the female roommate on Tuesday and Wednesday.” Inconsistency.

The first article states she was charged with terrorist threats and false public alarm and could face up to 5 years in jail for each count. This article goes into greater detail by stating that they are both third degree offenses. This article is much more detailed all around and even quotes the Jersey City Police Department as well as the mayor of Jersey City. This article says that the e-mail messages were sent between “Sunday and Tuesday” where as the first article said “Tuesday and Wednesday.”

One final way that we can tell that this is a local story is by the casual references that the author makes to places on the St. Peter’s College campus. This is a place that is familiar to the people that read this publication and for that reason it is discussed in an implicit manner.

Breaking News

This is the Associated Press (AP) article about the e-mail threat incident at St. Peter’s College. I found this article most frequently used online for a majority of the sources that I looked up on Google News. The particular organization that used the AP article was KVIA.com which is a television station in El Paso, TX. This story is breaking news because it was the earliest posted on the Google News list. Most of the other articles were published on the 23rd and this one came out on the 22nd. The incident occurred on the 21st.

There are certain facts that appear in this article that are either different or not even present in the other articles and I felt they were worth analysis. Firstly it is important to look at the fact that they AP article refers to the culprit as an “18 year old Texas high school student.” The labels that the various articles use to refer to the girl differ in each story and this has a lot to do with the way in which we perceive the criminal. The title of the article also refers to Christy Perez as a Texas teen. The connotation associated with a teenager is much different than that associated with an adult.

This article is also one of the shortest ones that I read through. It gave the basic facts of who, what, where and when. It is understandable that this article is less detailed than the other two because the police and the press still didn’t know much about the case at this point. Another instance that makes this breaking news is because the author refers to the culprit as “accused” which honors the innocent until proven guilty principles of journalism. The only source in this article is the Corpus Christi Police and they are not even technically quoted directly.

Another indicator that this is a breaking news story is the fact that the author named the accused culprit, but failed to name the roommate and the boyfriend because police declined to identify them at this time. One thing that I think the article could have avoided saying was “Police say that there was no romantic relationship between the roommates.”

This doesn’t change the fact that the crime was still committed and seems like it could have been left out completely. The final reason this is a breaking news story is because it fails to mention the note that was found on the campus and referenced the Virginia Tech shootings.

Setonian Role: The Setonian’s role in an emergency situation is not one that I had thought about until now. I suppose in a time of emergency we would really have to utilize the Setonian Online because the print edition of the paper might not be coming out when the story breaks.

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Yes, I think the change was valid. Good analyses.

I'm looking forward to reading your blog about the next current event.

I am in the process of making that magic happen. It was a hectic weekend.

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