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Writing Material: Baron Agenda Item...

Agenda Item: "I found that I had become so used to composing virtual prose at a keyboard I could no longer draft anything coherent directly onto a piece of paper." - Baron, pg36.

Loved the title of this article first of all, but it was this quote that jumped out to me right away because it could not have described better the intense battle that I have when I have to actually write something down by hand. First of all I hate writing things down period. The entire act of writing is annoying to me because of my dependence on the word processor. Two words: hand cramps. I remember first coming to college and taking my Popular Fiction mid term exam and Dr. Wendland passed out those little blue books for us to write in and he still does it to this day I am pretty sure. In the same token I hated writing out essay’s in class back then and still do.

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