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Writing Material: Trithemius Agenda Item...

Agenda Item: "He who gives up copying because of the invention of printing is no genuine friend of Holy Scriptures." - Trithemius, pg 475.

It is ironic that Trithemius had this document printed even though he defended hand writing adamantly. Though he acknowledged that printing his work would gain a wider readership and that means he was not entirely opposed to the technology of the printing press. The whole time I was reading this work I kept thinking about the scribe Tiro.

It seems to me that this agenda item is saying that if you are against writing then you are being blasphemous in a sense. Maybe that is just a broad interpretation of it, but I read it in a threatening almost offensive way. Then again I am sure that the fear of God will always work to make people believe things because it is still a tool of persuasion that people use today.

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