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Oral Presentation Slot A: Responses...

Daniella Choynowski's Presentation Blog

I thought that it was very interesting that Dani examined the texture of talk and the way in which we all speak so differently. I know that the accents that certain people have make the way in which they talk very distinctive. She spoke in class about her New Jersey accent, which I believe adds a distinct character to the way in which she communicates. I almost feel like sometimes because of the way a person talks it can affect the interest that we have in the things they are saying. Then in the back of my mind I was thinking that when people are sometimes hard to understand for whatever reason we don’t listen as intently because of the immense effort that it takes to understand them. That is just our lazy American mentality I suppose.

I agreed with Dani’s comment that “much of communication is not what was said, but how it was said.” Inflection and tone also play a large roll in the way in which we interpret the words that come from people’s mouths. Dani's comments on external noise were also of great interest to me. I was once told by a psychology major that noise is any frequency that the brain cannot understand. In my particular case the worst noise in the world that is like nails on a chalk board to me is the noise that comes from a vacuum. All of my family and friends know never to run a vacuum in my presence because it will make me go pretty mental. The noise kills me.

In the same regard when she talks about speaker generated noise I assume she is talking about speech in general. When people speak too fast I tend to get annoyed and tune them out. This also goes for if they are whining or speaking in a tone that resembles whining. I tend to want to surround myself around positive people hahaha.

Chris Ulicne Presentation Blog

I really enjoyed the presentation that Chris did because of the interactive element that he incorporated by having us do an in class group exercise. I do agree that writing allows us to have a certain amount of reflection that speaking does not. It is sometimes hard to remember the things we say, but if we write them down it is much easier to go back and think about it. Unfortunately I was unable to view the video that went along with his presentation because I didn't have Flash on the computer that I was reading his blog on.

Though I was able to read the article The Power of the Adolescent Pen , which Chris had suggested we read prior to his presentation. I thought it was interesting that the simple concept of journaling was used in order to help people (specifically teen girls) deal with their emotions and feelings. Honestly that is the only thing I could see as a purpose for journaling anyway. I don’t know, but for me it seemed like this was such a simple concept to grasp. I mean how many girls never had a diary? I would imagine that is a pretty standard practice among teenage girls across the world. It is a therapeutic method of dealing with issues.

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