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EL 200: Portfolio 2...

Lab Report - A news article that covers my contributions to the production of The Setonian.

Term Project Plan - A plan (with my own deadlines) for my term project

Election Assignment / Project Idea - Election-related assignment or project that I think would make a good match for EL200 in the fall of next year.

Other Assignments

Current Event 1 - A look at how local coverage differs from national (or, depending on the story, perhaps international) coverage. This blog shows three different depictions of the arrest of a St. Peter's College (Jersey City, N.J.) student for sending threats to the school and other students.

Current Event 1 Analysis - An anaysis of the three different articles concerning the St. Peter's College incident. Each article convyes varying messages to the readers about the arrested student.

Current Event 2 - The analysis of a current news article that was relevant to this semester's focus on local news and community journalism. The article that I blogged about concerned issues facing local waterman as skipjack restrictions and efforts for bay restoration went into effect.

Media Lab Discussion Blog - An overview of some ideas that we talked about in class regarding the long term good of the Setonian. Many of the ideas concern how we can better the Setonian Online with more new media elements.

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