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I think that one potential assignment for the EL 200 class in the fall would be to have the students write an article about each presidential candidate [Democratic & Republican]. This would be a good chance to work on non-biased and non-partisan reporting. Being able to report the facts is the key to this assignment rather than being able to convince the reader to vote on way or the other. Political writing is not something that we get a chance to do a lot of the time at SHU and I think this would be a nice exposure to it.

I have also thought about the political blogosphere as a place to work on this kind of writing. It may even be pertinent to have the students blog an article about the campaign at a later point in time since there is such a distinct difference in blogging about something and actually writing a formal news article on the same subject. I have come across an interesting article on political bloggers that I think would be a helpful template in showing the influence of blogs on politics and vise versa.

The third idea that I had centers on the idea of having a mock press conference or political debate with questions at the end of it. We could invite the College Republicans and Democrats in order to debate the issues surrounding the final candidates. Since many of the students have never been to a political debate before this would be a nice practice activity. I was also thinking that the students could potentially do some polling as well. Since we have not done much with polls in the past this is something we might want to look into and research.

In regard to enhancing the interactive elements of the Setonian Online it might also be a good idea to work on a special political speak out that includes locals rather than SHU students. This would also help to keep our ties to the community strong. Audio and video interviews with the opinions of local people as well as students would be nice to have. We can designate groups to cover certain areas in town and on campus.

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