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Issue Two Going Going Gone...(411 words)
By: Leslie A. Rodriguez

The second issue this semester of Seton Hill University’s (SHU) student newspaper the Setonian has been flying off the stands since it came out on Thursday March 6, 2008. With the spring semester well underway it is apparent that the staff of the paper is working diligently to make each issue completely polished.

Although she did not write an article for this edition of the paper, former sports editor Leslie Rodriguez remained active during the production cycle and was deeply involved with the copy editing process.

Rodriguez copyedited articles and read through the copy edits while making corrections as needed in the Microsoft Word document files on the Macintosh computers.

Editor in chief Stormy Knight is pleased that Rodriguez has been a constant presence in the office and continues to mentor the younger staff members.

“Chelsea Oliver has a lot to learn from Leslie. I am glad that she is working on the paper again. Leslie's experience will come in very handy as we get ready for this transitional period regarding the staff,” said Knight.

Along with working on the paper during production Rodriguez is also developing some ideas to make the Setonian online more interactive and based in new media. She will be working on this project with senior staff writer and columnist Chris Ulicne.

"I'm looking forward to working with Leslie to see what we can do with the Setonian Online. We've both got some experience working on new media projects. It's really going to come in handy. I really want to see the website get more traffic from SHU students, and I think our term project is going to go a long way towards making that happen," said Ulicne.

Rodriguez is generally pleased with the role she plays as a senior staff member and guide to the younger students working on the paper. She has indicated that she hopes to be able to recruit several new staff members by the end of the semester in order to replace those that will be graduating. Rodriguez also has several story ideas that she hopes to pitch for the next issue.

"I have been thinking a lot about the influence of Webkinz on college campuses. I already began research at Seton Hill as well as Saint Vincent. If this idea flourishes it will help to create and article that focuses on the addiction and distraction that Webkinz can cause and their popularity among the over 20 year old crowd," said Rodriguez.

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