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Riding in cabs with Boyle...

*Note*This is just a little reflection that I meant to post at the beginning of February about my trip with President JoAnne Boyle to Washington DC. The name of this blog entry came from when we had to take a cab with Dr. Boyle to see some of the legislators. It is a play on the movie "Riding in Cars with Boys."

As part of my public policy internship this semester I traveled to Washington, DC with three other interns on Tuesday February 5, 2008. During this trip I had the pleasure of attending The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) conference with Seton Hill University (SHU) President JoAnne Boyle. We were joined at the conference by countless other educators from across the nation. Although I was initially nervous about going on the trip and representing the university it ended up being a fantastic and rewarding experience.

The beginning of the day was something that really helped me to get more excited about the current election and the issues that we were in Washington to discuss. I particularly enjoyed the commentary that Donna Brazile gave in regard to the elections and the idea that the parties should intermingle when the final tickets are decided. Though she spoke about the election, Brazile also expressed a great advocacy for higher education, which was the reason we had all gathered on that day.

The second speaker of the morning was a pollster named Peter Hart. His presentation on the elections and the nation’s response to the issues was really very riveting. I was taken back by the statistical analyses that he presented regarding America’s priorities on election issues. Transparency and authenticity in candidates appeared to be on the top of many people’s lists. This was an issue that I later talked about in a blog entry regarding Obama and pencil technology.

In particular my favorite part of the trip was the alumni dinner in which we were able to sit down with several very politically influential SHU graduates. I enjoyed hearing their stories about becoming involved in politics and how they influenced various facets of the federal government. I hope to remain in contact with these alumni as I prepare to graduate. I have already been staying in contact with an alumni named Stephanie Powers that works as the project director for The Council on Foundations.

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Sounds like a good time, Leslie. I'm glad you're having such a great experience with your internship! And build that human network :) It's totally worth it.

One thing I will say about my prior experience at E-Magnify was that it taught all about networking and its importance. Thanks for the well wishes.

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