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Post Presentation Responses: Forum 3: Conformity and Knowledge in the Mechanical Era...

Jeremy Barrick - Jeremy, I really enjoyed your presentation! The content was extensive, valid and proved that computers and the internet are similar to the printing press in their ability to widely spread information and make it available to the masses (even in different languages and countries). The language tie in was clutch! Technology has greatly affected the transmission of information through out history (this we already know). I also agree that it is true that when you attempt to convert a work into a medium other than its original form there are a lot of changes that must occur in order for the conceptual vision to still work and be comprehended fully by the audience. For example, the adapters sometimes have to cut content and in other cases add it.

I really loved your example of Alice in Wonderland, because it has been translated into a film and hypertext work even though it was originally a novel. This type of adaptation is difficult to pull off. A sidebar is that a Seton Hill University senior and theatre major named Sarah Danko has recently adapted the story of Alice in Wonderland into a puppet show/play and it is currently on display in the Harlan Gallery. Your presentation surprisingly related directly to the class Books as Films, which studies the adaptation of novels and short stories in feature films. I am taking it with Dr. Wendland this semester and a lot of the points you made related to what I have learned about crossing over from one medium to another. On a side note I recommend this class and The Art of Film with Arnzen considering your background in film.

Daniella Choynowski - Dani, your presentation was right on the money and I agreed with a lot of the points you made regarding the ease of sending an e-mail rather than dealing with someone face to face. The emotional detachment surely appeals to most people. Sidebar: I apologize for not elaborating more in class about your topic, but it seemed like we had a tight presentation schedule today. Some people may call this a cop out; where as I would label it as pure human nature to avoid conflict and make things as easy to deal with as possible. There have been countless occasions that I have dealt with both business and academic related issues through e-mail rather than on the phone because I saw it as easier. Many times while working at E-Magnify Women’s Business Center I corresponded with business owners that were my interviewees for Entrepreneur’s Corner strictly by e-mail. It was rare that they ever used a telephone to get a hold of me.

It was simply easier to e-mail them than to work around their schedule and have phone interviews. I know that this e-mail dependency that I have is likely because I am completely 100% dependent on the internet in order to function in my every day life. I am a compulsive e-mail checker and I admit that whole heartedly. I suppose another thing about e-mail that I like is the ability that we have to share files readily through it. It makes my life a lot easier when someone responds to questions in a word document because I can then cut and paste the answers into my articles or assignments. Overall I don’t believe that using e-mail has ruined any of my relationships or friendships. If anything it has helped me to better communicate with people that I may have otherwise lost touch with over the years. I mean who doesn’t have an e-mail address in the world today?

Rachel Prichard - Rachel, your presentation was very lively and brought up a lot of good points about the idea of remixing one thought/theme in order to reach a broader audience. I really enjoyed your use of visual aids! The SNL video was hilarious, and I can honestly say they always present an unbiased political viewpoint by parodying both parties. I never would have guessed that The Star Spangled Banner was put to the music of a popular drinking song and I was also unaware of Will-I-Am’s remix of Obama’s speech. I think your use of the elections as a center for your presentation was a great idea because it is so fresh on so many people’s minds right now (especially young people). I have recently heard it said that we as a nation have not had so much buzz about a presidential election in years. That is most definitely exciting.

The part about the protests and the Olympic torch was interesting as well. I don’t think American’s realize how much foreign affairs really can affect us. In my opinion we are lucky that the biggest problem on our minds may only relate to rising gas prices rather than the mass genocide that is taking place in Darfur and other parts of Africa. Your tie in with the blogs was nice as well. Bloggers still don’t get enough recognition or credibility even though this medium of spreading news has grown significantly over the past four years. It seems like now everyone and their grandmother has a blog. It is almost as if they are hardly as innovative as they were when I first came to SHU.

Kayla Sawyer - Kayla, I enjoyed your presentation on the dangers of literacy, both physically and mentally. It reminded me of an episode of Stranger's With Candy entitled The Blank Page in which Jerri Blank learns how to read and it brings her nothing but trouble.As I was saying in class sometimes it is better just not knowing something. In the case of Jerri Blank she concludes at the end of the episode that reading is bad.Her final statement is something to the effect of "don't learn to read or write because it can only lead to tragedy."

Your presentation reminded of the reading that we did involving Frederick Douglass and his struggle to learn to read and write. On one hand he needed to do it in order to better his situation, but on the other he was realizing how bad off he really was the more he learned. Learning in his case was a double edged sword.

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