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If we are going to go with the definition that link journalism is “linking to other reporting on the web to enhance, complement, source, or add more context to a journalist’s original reporting” then blogging falls into this category of reporting for sure. I suppose I am a link journalist in a sense. A richly linked blog entry is no doubt an example of link journalism. The whole reason in which bloggers put links on their blogs is to help the readers to better understand the information in the entries. Important exposition can be gained about a topic if it is linked to appropriately and effectively. The same concept applies to articles written for online news sources that implement the use of hyperlinks.

The point behind link journalism is that it allows an author to link to other legitimate news sources and organizations while at the same time providing accurate reporting within their own article. I totally agreed with that the reason that online news files are often only available if you pay to view them is because good reporters will require this research and be willing to pay for it. The people that need these articles will be willing to pay for them. Overall I believe that link journalism makes archived articles much more accessible compared to the old fashioned methods of using physical newspaper archives and micro film. Karp, the author of the article states that links will be the new method of preserving the news.

The idea that link journalism will send people away from the original news site or article is not something I would have great concern about. If the webpage was designed to open the links in a new or blank window then the original page would continue to remain visible. That is one of the first things I learned at E-Magnify during my internship(s). We never linked to an external site or page by having the link open in the same window. That is just bad design. Though I suppose sending people to other websites for information is not that bad because it shows the validity of your work and compares it with other people that support your claims at the same time. Link journalism is especially useful in situations where the public wants to check a fact which is evident through the Karp’s mention of the John McCain ethical scandal.

As far as the Setonian is concerned I don’t think that I have had any first hand experience with the practice of link journalism specifically because our paper is traditionally identified as a print publication. Although we do have the Setonian online it has not readily utilized the practice of link journalism in order to enhance the usability of the website. I do think it would be a good idea in the future to be able to place links within the articles that we post online, but this would require that we designate a staff member that has the sole job of linking. It would be nice to link to articles within the Setonian website that had been previously published. We could also link to specific external web pages.

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