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EL 200: Term Project Presentation...

Project Portfolio

Original Group Term Project Proposal - A proposal of two potential group term projects that could benefit the long term good of the Setonian. I suggested a recruiting campaign for new staff members that included workshops, and an assessment of the coding errors of the Setonian Online.

Term Project Plan - A blog entry in which I discussed my plans for the term project. I broke the project down into three phases that included interviewing staff members, deciding on what new media element I felt the Setonian Online could use, and finally the placement of this new media component on the actual newspaper's website.

Reflective Essay - A reflective essay that refers to relevant communication from portfolios, progress reports, drafts, informal classroom discussions, or other communication with Dr. Jerz about the project.

One Page Handout - A one page handout that includes tips and advice for students in future classes of EL200. It refers to the things that went well with my project as well as reccomendations for the next time someone attempts it.

Relative Communication

Reflection On Class Discussion - The reflection basically recounts that in class we talked about a lot of ideas for long term Setonian goals and projects. I listed them in this entry as a reference for me as well as the rest of the class. Some of the ideas included photo slideshows for the Setonian Online, more photos then needed for go to moments in print version and a photo or video speak out for the online edition.

Setonian Online Editor Peer Interviews - I conducted interviews with both Evan and Kayla for the dual purpose of helping Stormy Knight out with her group term project and also to find out what they thought needed to happen with the Setonian Online. Evan was the former online editor and Kayla is currently in the position.

Project Research: New Media Elements - A detailed analysis of the online newspapers of Duquesne University, The University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University and California University of Pennsylvania. The information presented in this particular blog entry is research that I compiled when assessing the potential new media additions that we could make to the Setonian Online.

Flash Tutorial Websites (Top 5)
- A list of the top 5 websites with flash tutorials that were effective and informative. These can be used next year if the staff attempts to implement any of the ideas I am presenting. today regarding flash.

Final Product

Final Shell

Flash Photo Show Template Version - A basic flash slideshow that I made with Flash Slideshow Maker Professional. The program is simple and really doesn't require any previous coding knowledge. It would be good for people to use on the paper that didn't necessarily know a lot about Flash.

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