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Flash Tutorial Websites (Top 5)...

1. Flash Perfection.com - A website full of great tutorials that teach a lot of the advanced capabilities of flash. Incredibly diverse selection of flash tutorials. Tutorials are broken into comprehensive and easy to browse categories.

2. Toxiclab.org - The website also includes photoshop, javascript, CSS, XHTML, and 3D tutorials. Each of these can be incorporated into a good flash show or site.

3. FlashVault.net - A detailed tutorial about how to create a picture slide show with effects in Flash. Make a simple picture slide show in flash with effect using some special flash tips and tricks.

4. Tutorialoutpost.com - Archived tutorials dealing with how to realistically create a "posted" item such as a note, photograph, and a piece of paper. Other tutorials on the page deal with animation, slide shows, textboxes and actionscript.

5. Entheosweb.com - Free flash tutorials that cover the basics of flash animation and flash actionscripting. Photo slide show tutorial.

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