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Awesome T-Shirts & Hoodies...

Ok so I was on Myspace and this ad popped up when I logged out for the day. I am not usually inclined to look at these pop-up nightmares, but this one was actually really great. The website is called Snorgtees.com. They have some hilarious t-shirts and hoodies that I would highly reccommend to anyone with a sense of humor. I am posting a few of the t-shirts that I thought were great!



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All of those made me laugh.

It's so easy to personalize and print up a shirt these days -- we can annotate our fashions very easily. I found a website that operates in a strange twilight between deliberately edgy T-shits (so that you stand out) and the seemingly contradictory practice of inviting people to send in photos of themselves wearing that shirt. So on the one hand, the T-shirt has a snarky quote that says "I'm different from you," yet the website is a club for people who are different in the exact same way (having purchased the same T-shirt to express their individuality). The result is that, the more people buy the shirt, the less effective it becomes (thus prompting the customer's desire to buy a new shirt, so the process will start over again).

See "Shakespeare hates your emo poems"

I am glad you found some amusement in the shirts that I blogged about.

It is funny that you linked to threadless on your blog. A friend of mine turned me on to threadless when she found the "zombie plan" (In Case of Zombies) shirt and thought of me.

It is very cool that you are sharing that same way of thinking. I agree that the commercialization of individuality in turn robs us of it. Ironic.

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