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Day of the Dead: The Need to Feed (2008)...

Why did someone ever want to re-make George A. Romero's original Day of the Dead? I am being honest when I say that even the first Day of the Dead wasn't his best work. It makes no sense as to why it would be any better this time around. Some things should just be left alone. Released in April of 2008 Day of the Dead: The Need to Feed proved disappointing to say the least.

I guess I can't blame Romero in this case though, seasoned horror director Steve Miner will have to take the heat because he is the one responsible for this atrocity. It is not like I am against remaking movies. I have stated in the past that I thoroughly enjoyed the Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead remakes. I just feel like this particular remake was an incredibly bad idea.

The first thing that I suppose should be addressed is the cast of characters present in both the original and the remade versions of the film. These characters include Sarah, Captain Rhodes, Pvt. Salazar, and Dr.Logan. The zombie character named Bub in the original is changed to Bud in the remake. Though I should note that just because these character names are the same it does not mean that the characterizations are similar. In fact they vary quite a bit from the originals.

I guess this is considered a point of departure adaptation/remake of the original film because even the plots and settings are different. Character names, the presence of the military and zombies are the only three real elements that can be considered similarities between the two films.

I have some general notations about both movies that I would like to share. Day of the Dead was a pretty cool title, but an un-original one fitting for any these zombie films. The subtle reference to the Mexican holiday was clever, but too simple in my opinion. It’s like every movie with zombies could be called Day of the Dead. Too generic!

The name Salazar is one that I have been seeing a lot lately oddly enough. I recently began playing Resident Evil 4 again on my Playstation 2 and one of the zombified bosses is named Salazar, which was a nice tie in to the zombie references in both Day movies and the video game. An odd link, but it was a link none the less. I do have to comment on Nick Cannon’s terrible acting in the new version of the film. He has no range in any of the roles I have seen him play over the past three years. If you want to know what Salazar is like in the new Day of the Dead simply put in a copy of Drumline and you will have to look no further. He is one of the most one dimensional actors I have ever watched on the silver screen.

The character of Captain Rhodes was portrayed by Ving Rhames in the new Day of the Dead. Rhames also appeared in the Dawn of the Dead remake as well. It is just a minor link. I suggest that all those Blockbuster horror renters steer clear of this film and keep their eyes peeled for Romero’s new movie Diary of the Dead. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t bomb at least.

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