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Current Reading List...Graphic Novels

As many people know I have been a long time fan of all things related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have blogged about my love of the show and even created several class projects while in college that were based around its moral and philosophical value. In the past I have read novelizations of the show, but never before had I really become interested in the Buffy graphic novels until the other day while browsing the science fiction section (right next to the graphic novels) at my local Barnes & Noble. Much to my surprise I found that where the television show ended (season 7) the graphic novels began with a season 8. I thought I must be in heaven. My favorite television show of all time was not over after all.

I picked up the first two books of season 8. They are entitled The Long Road Home and No Future For You. I have to credit Dr. Wendland for this discovery in a sense. If it weren't for the Media Aesthetics class in which I learned about graphic novels and their value I may never have even ventured over to that section in a bookstore. I am more than pleased with the purchases and cannot wait to continue reading. The novels have somehow managed to encapsulate every part of the show that I loved so dearly during its run. The best part is that the unique dialogue is all intact. I feared a loss of this voice as the story transferred mediums, but it is still as contemporary, sarcastic and witty as ever. I highly recommend these graphic novels for any diehard fans that don't want to settle with season 7 being the end of their Buffy experience. I can really appreciate the fact that a graphic novel can implement the literary elements of foreshadowing and symbolism as effectively as the traditional novel.

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Megan Ritter:

I highly recommend the "Serenity" graphic novels. They, along with the television show and film that came before them, are the baby of Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy. I never learned to like Buffy, but Serenity and everything associaed with it is brilliantly written and produced.

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