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Webisodes...Girltrash & More

I have really been getting into webisodes lately. The first webisode series that I ever watched was back in September and I blogged about that experience. While I still watch The Guild, I have also recently began watching other webisodes. I just happened to stumble upon two other series' that caught my interest when I was looking up South of Nowhere on myspace the other day. The internet truly does work in mysterious ways. I was looking up Gabrielle Christian on myspace (an actress on South of Nowhere). Her page linked me to some of the other actors pages as well as a webisode series directed by Angela Robinson (director of D.E.B.S) called Girltrash. Girltrash features Mandy Musgrave, Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan (all actresses from South of Nowhere). It is very good and put together around a flash fiction type of plot.

Freaking sweet! But it appears there are only ten episodes and no more to come anytime soon. Interestingly enough when I was checking out Maeve Quinlan's myspace page I noticed she is also on another webisode series entitled 3 Way. Kristy Swanson the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer even guest stars in a few episodes.

In related news I bought the complete first season of South of Nowhere on Amazon.com in the form of downloads because the series ended after season 3 and will not be coming out on DVD. I am outraged, and it sucks.

Check out these links for access to the webisodes mentioned above and full episodes of South of Nowhere.

3 Way
South of Nowhere

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The lead in The Guild has some mannerisms that remind me of Karissa... I watched about four episodes and will probably go back and watch the rest when I have more time.

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