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Gone Fishing...

Yesterday I was driving up to Laurel, MD for an interview and stopped to eat breakfast at a McDonalds restaurant or 'McDons' as Stormy and I call it. When I was in line at the drive-thru window I noticed that something was moving on the trailer hitch of the truck in front of me. Upon closer inspection I determined it was a fish (fake of course). The fish was positioned mouth down on the trailer hitch with its tail flapping in the air. I took a picture and a video of this crazy fish. After looking online I found out that this novelty hitch is called the "Flopping Bass" trailer hitch.

And for only $24.95 it can be yours. What will people think of next?

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Stormy :

Mc-DAH-nnies! That was my best attempt at typing it how we say it also. Hahaha.

People will buy anything, wow. Wouldn't you think that would be hazardous? Because there's people like me who would probably fixate on the thing to figure out what it was and then wreck into the median or something.

Those things are so annoying! I wouldn't ever spend $25 bucks on one... or even $5 for that matter. Even worse are the ones that play music or sing!

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