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Most Controversial Video Games of All Time...

During my morning scan of GameDaily I came across this article on the most controversial video games of all time and of course Mortal Kombat was on the list. I remember when it came out for Sega Genesis and my parents wouldn't let me buy it because of the gratuitous violence. I ended up borrowing it from my good friend Eric and then showing the parental untis that the bloody violence could be turned off. You could play with or without blood. It is funny that they would try and keep me from playing this game and years later we would as a family play Tekken 3 for Playstation.

Does anyone else recall the Mortal Kombat related death that occurred when a teenager re-enacted moves from the game on her younger sibling? It resulted in the young girl being killed after she was kicked and slammed to the floor. So I can somewhat see the parental concern in this particular case, but it really depends on the person playing the game in my opinion.

Other games mentioned on the list were Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt 2, Doom, and Hitman: Blood Money.

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Hey darlin'. This reminds me of a conversation my mom and I had earlier today actually. We just came from the Heritage Festival at Twin Lakes and she and I were discussing how every year we used to take Dougie home a pop gun.

Then she brought up a past situation when he was younger and a friend came over for the first time. Dougie had a toy box right inside the door full of swords and guns and light sabers and at the time he was in fact watching Star Wars. "Oh we don't let our son watch those kind of movies, too much violence," the boy's father said.

We own every MK game, I think with the exception of MK Mythologies: Sub Zero. I still have an operational Sega with I and II, and we were just playing Shaolin Monks the other night on PS2. My parents never really restricted us from violent games. I guess they felt if they had done their jobs as parents then we would know not to act that way. Which brings me to why I commented in the first place, I 100% agree it all depends on the person, and also the environment they were raised/currently live in.


Umm.. could you possibly go into less detail? I realize in this day and age it's considered "hip" to be a "gamer," but unfortunately you're treading into a world in which you seem completely unfamiliar- along with the writer/poseur of the article from GameDaily.

What about games such as Exidy's 1986 "Chiller" arcade game/NES port, and 1976 "Death Race?" What of Sierra On-Line's 1981 Apple ][ "Softporn Adventure," Muse's 1981 "Castle Wolfenstein," any number of Mystique's Atari 2600 games such as "Custer's Revenge" and "Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em?" There were also dozens of NES titles that were banned outright, such as those by Panesian like "Hot Slot" and "Peek-A-Boo Poker." Even 1996's Resident Evil (Capcom)and 1999's "Silent Hill" (Konami) for the Playstation caused intense scrutiny over violence and horror in videogames.

Furthermore, 1980's arcade hit "Berzerk" (Stern) is infamous because of 2 kids DYING immediately after playing- Jeff Dailey (19) in January, 1981, of a heart attack and Peter Burkowski (18) in October, 1982, also of heart failure. "Berzerk" itself nearly sent the entire industry into oblivion.

It's far too easy to pick on "Mortal Kombat," "Night Trap" or "Grand Theft Auto." By the way, Tekken 3 does not have "blood," soo perhaps that is why you were allowed to play.

MS; was just posting a few thoughts. Hence the purpose of blogging and blurbs (brevity).

The rest is in fact for you to draw your own conclusions about. Not sure anyone was trying to be a "hip" "gamer" as you put it.

Although I may not have named all the supporting titles that you did, I was simply recounting the article mentioned above. You seem to be on the defensive though I am not sure why. Thanks for your insight.


First of all, Leslie and I were born in 1986, MS. Second of all...you need to relax, haha.

Put. Down. The. Controller.

She was merely starting a conversation, but good insight nonetheless.


I'm not being on the defensive, but if one blogs about such a topic, they should go beyond just reposting a trendy source, i.e. GameDaily, and do further research. Also, I am not even holding a controller, merely stating that there should be further content to this blog. There is an entire world of controversial games out there, yet the same 5 or 6 are repeatedly brought to light, such as through this article.

Whether this was done out of sheer laziness, or because today's Generation Y reader of such sites could care less about something that happened in 1981, is hard to say. However, I am willing to bet on the second; kids born in 1986 didn't generally reach gaming age until 1993-1994, thus "no need" to include something released a decade prior, otherwise risk the boredom of the target audience.

At least the writer had sense to include "Thrill Kill" for the PSX, although it never saw the light of day. It was actually canned by the manufacturer, immediately before it was set to be released, for fear of controversy itself. I should know, I had a $10 deposit down on it at Babbage's. At least I got to keep the stickers and poster.


What the heck? Just because someone uses a "popular" site for information, they're automatically accused of laziness?
I myself am an avid gamer, though I porobaly don't fit the demographic for most of the ones I play. My range of preferred games go anywhere from "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody" to "Overlord" to "Final Fanstasy" to "Civilization" to "BioShock".
By the way, you left that out of your new controversies lists. Were you too lazy to look up new games that caused some waves? Or were you busy trying to remember old games that are quite docile by comparison? Either way, you got way too personal about a general topic, and while you may say I have too, at least I don't care if the author traveled into the future to see what games were going to cause a media uproar.

Zeryxis, thank you for your comment and for defending my choice of source for this post. It appears that the elusive "MS" has gone on to a few other blogs in this community and his/her attitude has not wavered.

i've read the original article and I do agree with a lot of the games listed there. It's hard to rank them in controversy because how would you do that? List them by how many lives were lost in playing them or what? I'd put Everquest on there as one of the games as it was one of the grandfathers of the RPG games, like WoW, that has taken away the souls of millions of players.

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