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Movie Trailers: Shocker...

Yesterday it was raining so I went to the movies and apparently this was the motivation of everyone in the city because the theater was packed. The anticipation had been mounting for me to go see Wanted and this was finally the day. After waiting in a line for about ten minutes I finally got into the theater and took my seat. I don't even know why I was peeved about being late to the movie because the first 20 minutes are always the previews of coming attractions. Ahhh trailers; the part that I both love and hate about going to the movies. I will admit that I saw some awesome trailers yesterday for movies like The X-Files: I Want To Believe and Death Race.

When the trailer for Step Brothers was shown my jaw kind of dropped a little bit. I had seen previews on television for the movie, but this was the first theater trailer I had been able to view. I guess the shocking part for me was how candidly they use the f-bomb in the preview for the movie. Maybe it has just been a long time since I have been to the movies, but I can't ever recall seeing a trailer with cursing other then damn or occasionally s**t. Granted I was in a rated R movie there is still the chance that some kids are in there with their ill informed parents. Now on the official Step Brothers website they have the restricted trailer available for view upon age verification (a simple road block which any kid with a calculator can beat).

For me to be shocked by something like this was a surprise. I just didn't think it was necessary. The movie looked funny before and I am sure it still would have if they played the television trailer. Is this something that has been going on for a long time? Do the trailers at R rated movies always have explicit language in them? If yes, kudos to Sony Pictures if shock value was what they wanted to achieve.

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I just got back from going to see Wanted with some friends and that's just what I was thinking! Well that and how many times was "the F bomb" dropped in Wanted anyway? It was like every other word, I don't think when people say it in any way is it shocking anymore though. It seems like it's become so common that people aren't really taken back by it anymore, I think anyway.

Yeah Chelsea I am right there with you. My thing was that it (f-bomb) was something that I expected in the movie itself, but not so heavily in the trailers.

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