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Bender Bending Rodriguez...

I am finally getting a chance to blog about a million (slight exaggeration) things that I have been making notes about on my cell phone. I swear I use that notepad function religiously. Ugh I hate that it takes me so long to actually sit down and write about all this great stuff, but once I get started it usually works out. Right now I am trying to catch up on some of my recent thoughts. So I am probably going to be posting a lot of random short entries in the coming weeks.

Ohhh and I have also gotten into vlogging on YouTube so that should be interesting. I will be posting links to some videos in the near future. But back to the point of this entry. I was watching Futurama recently on Comedy Central late at night (they play re-runs) and in the episode Bender had to save the day and proclaimed something to the effect of "or my name isn't Bender Bending Rodriguez!" I could have died laughing. I think I may have woken up everyone in my house because I was howling. Shout out to the Rodriguez name!

And I just found something very cool while looking for a link to use in this entry. Someone actually built a Bender computer casemod and it is amazing.


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