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Greensburg Coincidence & Weird Al Yankovic...

AL_TAT.jpgIn a random moment of YouTube greatness I followed a link to Weird Al Yankovic's professional website. I was checking out what the king of the pop culture parody was working on when I noticed the tab for fan art. To my surprise I clicked on a piece entitled "Fan Art #387 - Eight-armed Al tattoo" and it was in fact an awesome tattoo that someone had gotten in Al's honor! And the tattoo was done in Greensburg, PA at Unique Ink of all places. Ohh how I miss the greatness of living in the 15601. Could this be a sign for me to go back to my college home town? Or to create my own parodies so that some day someone will get a tattoo of me on them? Hahaha I doubt it is either actually.

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Nice find, Leslie! That's an amazing piece of body art. To add to the uncanny irony, Weird Al just played at the Palace Theater in Greensburg this past weekend!


You do know he played here two days ago to a sold out show at the Palace, right? If not, I bet you're super freaked out now. haha.

Missing you!

If my family hadn't arranged a vacation during Weird Al's trip to Greensburg, I'd definitely have bought a ticket.

Thanks for your comments Jerz, Stormy and Arnzen. That is something else! I have actually been a Weird Al fan since he came out with "Amish Paradise" and he kind of inspired me to make a few of my own parody songs at a young age.

Al really is a genius. One thing I have noticed lately is that the parody quality on YouTube from other account holders has really improved and some of the celebrity parodies are giving him a run for his money.

Never the less I would still pay money to see him in concert. Jerz, hope you had a nice vacation.

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