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Chainsaw Maid...

Another great random YouTube find. This one is posted especially for Arnzen. Claymation has never looked so cool to me. The video description read:

"THEY are coming for your FLESH and BLOOD! Now the last hope of the family rests on a sexy faithful MAID! The most brutal clay-animation you've ever seen!"

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You're like the fifth person to point me to this video...which I ADORED! It's hilarious zombie clay spewing silly fun. Very twisted. Thanks for thinking of me Leslie! I like the expressions the creator gives the people's faces. What did you think of the cinematography, etc.?

Being a huge fan of anything zombie related (as you may be able to tell from my previous entries) I loved the video and felt you would as well.

Particularly I liked that there was no dialogue what so ever. It really emphasized the actions taking place on screen. And that soundtrack! The high pitched scream-like and creepy noises! Fantastic!

The attention to detail on the father's newspaper was great “disease.” Nice foreshadowing. I was also a huge fan of when the woman vomited all her organs because just when you think she is done something else pops out! Could it be a pancreas? And then the father sips his coffee like nothing happened. Death by broom through the skull is a new one on me, but then again I just saw a defibrillator put to use to kill a zombie in Romero’s “Diary of the Dead”

As far as the cinematography was concerned a particular shot stuck out in my mind. That was when the camera shifted to the maid's POV from the floor when she is head butted down to the ground. The camera is tilted slightly and follows the father/daughter out of the room. Really well done!

It was all very evidently thought out. I mean cuts, zooms, etc. The only thing that bothered me was that the maid used a chainsaw (which I mean I expected from the title).

According to Max Brooks’ “The Zombie Survival Guide” a chainsaw “ranks low on the list of practical zombie killing weapons” because “once drained, they provide as much protection as a hand held stereo,” (37). The issue is limited fuel cells. Oh well those were my general thoughts.

Dexter Johnas:

Lol, excellent clip, thanks for directing. The French maid fantasy persist even in the play dough world. And the music is so chilling, sends chills down my spine. I scare easily.

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