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Who watches the Watchmen?

smi.jpgAs Stormy noted in a recent blog entry the most celebrated graphic novel of all time, Watchmen, has been made into a full length feature film. I personally am incredibly psyched to see what the on screen representations of the novel and its characters look like. I have viewed the trailer and seen various on set photographs from the film. There are also some movie stills floating around the web as well.

One thing that really surprised me is that it appears the director/producer has cast relatively unknown actors and for that I must give out some props. I checked into the acting resumes of each of the actors and none of them seem to have done too much. I am personally looking forward to seeing the Comedian on screen. While I was looking for pictures from the movie I came across some really great fan representations of the Watchmen. Check out the Lego Watchmen below.


Also check out the Peanuts Watchmen which is a combination of the novel's characters and those of Charles M. Schulz.

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