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The 100 Most Common English Words...

This is definitely something for all of the English majors to take a look at. The idea is to see how many of the 100 most common words in the English language you can guess in 5 minutes. I did this last night and was only able to list 42 out of 100.


Click here to take the quiz.

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I got 51... thanks for the link. That was fun.

Woo! 67! :) That's neat to think about, Leslie.

Wow, I'm lame I think I might have gotten 4. haha no more like 35 but still. It was fun though!

When the test was over I pretty much threw my hand up and did that typical slap to the forehead because some of the words were on the tip of my brain. I was like "Ahhhhh I should have known those!"

Kaylee North:

Hahaha... I got 38... I even had Brian help me... ;o(

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