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Eyeball Tattooing...

I think it is pretty well known that I am into tattoos. They [tattoos] are very interesting to me and I admire artists that dedicate their lives to creating this type of human artwork. Recently I came across the practice of eyeball tattooing which I had never heard of before.

"Eyeball tattooing has been around for a long time; in the 19th century it was commonly used to correct cosmetic defects in blind eyes. Shannon Larratt, owner of the body-modification website Bmezine.com, decided to give the idea a 21st century spin. He and two friends had their eyeballs injected with the same dye as is used in regular tattooing."- technovelgy.com


“The eye is very resilient; you can put almost anything in it. Your eye actually is designed to be able to handle contaminants being there," said Larratt.

Click here for a closer look that includes more semi-graphic pictures of the eyeball tattooing process. If you thought this was wild check out the pierced glasses.

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