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Real Life Toxic Avenger...

toxicavengermovieposter.jpgStephan Puff told me that I looked like the Toxic Avenger two years ago when I dressed up as a zombie for Halloween. At the time I didn't think this was very flattering or comical. Ironically I am now taking on the title of real life toxic avenger as I enter into my first post collegiate job. For the past 4.5 months I have been searching for professional employment and honestly I was beginning to lose hope.

Last Monday I was hired by e-Management Consultants Inc as a Jr. Program Support Specialist. The position title may not tell you much about what I am going to be doing so I will break it down. I am going to be working with two other contractors on site at the United States Department of Energy (DOE) located in Washington, DC.

The contract that e-Management has with the DOE is focused on a project called Environmental Management, which deals with the proper disposal of toxic/nuclear waste as well as cold war era chemicals that are stored in basements across the country. These chemicals are stored in vats, but many of them are unfortunately not labeled and have to be individually identified, diluted and then dumped somewhere safe that will not interfere with the lives of humans or animals.

department_of_energy_logo_ppex.jpgThere is also specific concern about waste dumping grounds located on Native American reservations and within low income communities. There are two advisory boards that e-Management deals with at the DOE. One is made up of scientists that are actively looking for ways to identify and dispose of the waste and the other is a citizen advisory board. My project manager tells me that there is at least 3 more years of longevity left in this contract.

Don't worry I won't be doing any of the physical identifying or traveling to the dumping sites, but I will be helping to facilitate the advisory boards as well as plan meetings etc. Basically I will be be doing anything they need me to do at this point. It seems like it is good work and will benefit people. I am excited, but they want me to start October 6th so I have been a busy little bee this week. After finding out about the job Monday I spent all day Tuesday looking at apartments online and calling the apartments.

Wednesday I traveled up to Baltimore and spent the night and Thursday morning I drove to Virginia to look at apartments. By noon on Thursday I signed a lease to my first apartment.


And now the race against time really begins. I have to pack up my life and move to Fairfax, VA next Wednesday and then start work on the Monday after that. Ahhhh! Things are crazy. And to think two weeks ago I was actually anxiety ridden about riding the Metro train into the District for my interview for this job and now I will be riding it every day.




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Congratulations, Leslie! You'll be using your skills and also working at something that makes a difference to people and the environment. Sounds like a good fit for you.

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