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Re: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004...

I attempted to post this as a response earlier on Dr. Jerz's blog, but it would not work. This is a response to one of his posts from November 3, 2008. In particular this I wanted to comment on this secton:

"so much energy has moved to feeds and commercial social networking sites-- the Wal-Marts of the blogosophere"

Blogging has indeed become highly commercialized! I can think back to 2004 when I first came to SHU and blogging was practically unheard of to the general public. Now everyone and their grandmother have blogs about something. Most corporate entities also have accompanying blogs as well. I feel like blogs that are managed by corporation tend to be started, updated periodically and then frequently forgotten about unless there is a designated person assigned with managing that blog as a full time job. And let us not forget that the corporate blogs that are maintained have an alternative agenda; 99% of the time they are trying to sell you something.

In regard to the use of Flickr, BlogTv, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook; I know a YouTube user named Venetian Princess that utilizes all of the social networking tools in order to market herself as an actress and online celebrity. She has a ton of followers that buy DVDs of her work. Similar YouTubers that cross market are Buck Hollywood from “What the Buck?” and Lisa Donovan (aka Lisa Nova), a comedian that was actually discovered through YouTube and added to the cast of Mad TV. Social networking sites facilitate entrepreneurship and "self marketing" for sure.

Blogging for the sake of just bloggin is a rare thing now.

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It's amazing when you think that most of those services you mentioned weren't around during the last presidential election, and now they are a huge component of how many people experienced the campaign.

I watched a majority of the election clips online, and I don't just mean Tina Fey on SNL. I don't have cable, but at least I have the internet. Political mobilization has also been facilitated since the creation of Facebook and Myspace.

This morning I was reading about some of the protests going on in CA after the passing of Proposition 8 and the article noted that,

"Many of those activities have been organized not by political professionals and established leaders in the gay community, but by young activists working independently on Facebook and MySpace.

The grass-roots activism is a tribute to political organizing in the digital age, in which it is possible to mobilize thousands of people with a few clicks of a mouse."

Very cool.

Article Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/front/la-me-prop813-2008nov13,0,7887437.story

Please don't forget everyone's favorite, Tila Tequila, who became famous by friending as many people as possible on MySpace.

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