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She Who Doesn't Blog Explains...

I first and foremost apologize that it has been so long since I was last able to write a blog entry of much substance. As many of my friends and peers know I began a new job October 6, 2008 at the United States Department of Energy.

Needless to say my office, which deals with public and intergovernmental affairs, has been very busy preparing for the new administration. I have been fortunate enough to work on briefs for President Elect Obama’s transition team as well as presentations for the new Secretary of Energy, Dr. Chu. It is a very exciting time to be working in Washington D.C.

How does this all relate to me not blogging? I simply find that after working 8 hours in front of a computer my will to blog after work is lackluster. Another possible reason that I have not been writing as much is that my days tend to be rather long. I wake up at 5:00am and begin getting ready for work, leave for the train at 6:30am, catch the train at 7:00am, arrive at work at 7:50am, work 8 hours, leave work at 4:30pm, catch the train at 4:35pm and arrive back at my house at 5:30-6:00pm.

So as you can imagine the commute really takes a toll on me and when I get home my thoughts are the gym and dinner. And for those who will inevitably ask the answer is no, I will not be attending the inauguration festivities. I will actually be in Greensburg from the 16th - 20th. Maybe you will see me there.

Ps. I hope to write a more detailed review of the past three months sooner rather than later.

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Thanks for the update, Leslie. Since the job news from the world of journalism has been fairly grim, it's good to see evidence that the NMJ program is preparing its graduates for the 21st-century professional world.

I'd welcome your thoughts -- even a bullet list -- of things that you've learned since you graduated, any opinions that might have changed or strengthened. Please write about whatever strikes your fancy, but I'm curious about these questions:
* How important is group work in your current position?
* Have you noticed anything interesting about what it means to be responsible to a supervisor for a project, as opposed to submitting homework assignments for a professor?
* How do your experiences as a Setonian editor relate to what you're learning on the job now?

There I go, assigning more homework...


I searched for "eat your brains and gain your knowledge" and came across a post of yours from last year. (Btw, did you know Rodriguez put that in Planet Terror because his kid - who plays the son in the movie - randomly said that at home one day?) Then I went to your front page, scrolled down and the picture post that stated you work across the street from the Smithsonian Castle, and I immediately knew you must mean DOE, since I worked there in summer of '05. Isn't the Metro stop convenient? I'm now working for another department - well, that dept's OIG. Interesting stuff. Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

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