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Car Wash: The Experience....

car_1.jpgNormally when my car needs to be washed I do it myself. To put things into perspective I have had a driver's license since 2007 and every car that I have ever driven was washed at home by me or a member of my family. When I drove my salt encrusted car back from Greensburg, PA last week I came to the conclusion that I needed to enlist the services of an automatic car wash. There was no way I wanted to stand out in the cold on a weekend and wash my car by hand. Can you blame me?

I was home visiting my parents this past weekend and my father offered me some advice before I actually went to the car wash.

"Well you are probably going to freak out at first because all the windows cover over, but that is just part of the process."

That being said I was mentally prepared and ready.

So, on Saturday I used a drive through car wash for the first time in my life. It was a mere $10 charge for "the works" and I thought it was a worthwhile expenditure. I chose the no touch car wash because I did not want the paint to get scratched. The coolest part of the whole thing was towards the end when the wax shine was administered. Three liquids were shot from the left and right side of the car wash tunnel and on to my car. It created a rainbow effect that I was able to capture in a few pictures.

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Woah... that looks like a freak-out.


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