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Angelina Jolie likes SALT...

I went to work yesterday thinking it was going to be an average Thursday. I also planned on leaving work at 4:30pm. There were not many expectations for this particular day especially because most of my co-workers were out of town at a conference in Phoenix, AZ. As the lackluster day was winding down I received a call around 3:45pm on my cell phone from my office mate who had just left work to go to a night class. This call changed my day and my life forever. Paraphrased below is the only thing I can distinctly remember her saying and after that I completely tuned out. I was on a mission driven by fanaticism.

"Hey I just walked out of the building and they are filming some Angelina Jolie movie out here up by L'Enfant Plaza."

FYI in case you didn’t know I love Angelina Jolie.

spl84805_001.jpgI think my immediate response was something to the effect of "oh my God I need to leave work." My heart was racing and I was becoming flushed. I walked over to my manager while still on the phone with my office mate and stood in his door [not the most tactful of moments, but it worked out]. I am sure at this time he thought I was having some kind of family emergency because I just kept uttering "oh my God" over and over. I quickly got off the phone with my office mate and told my manager I needed to leave work because Angelina Jolie was up the street filming a movie and she is hands down my number one favorite actress.

He replied "oh yeah I was going to tell you guys about that, but I forgot." After explaining my undying fandom to him I ran back to my office. I don’t think he could have told me no lol. Needless to say I left work two minutes after and the last thing my manager said as I was leaving was "hurry they are losing daylight." It is for reasons like these that I love working for him. He totally understood that this was a once and a lifetime experience for me and that as a true blue fan I had to go. I mean I was practically hyperventilating.

0306090720567h.jpgWhen I reached the set of Salt it was amazing. To think that a place that I walk to daily to catch the metro or buy some lunch was now part of a major motion picture starring Angelina Jolie made me melt. After arriving I made friends with one of the techs and he first informed me that Angelina Jolie was wearing jeans, a long black The North Face jacket [that upon closer inspection appeared to be goose down], and a black hat. I also learned that the crew had been shooting at the Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter metro station earlier in the day and that Liev Schreiber was also in the film [I actually got within 15 feet of him in between shots].

spl84805_012.jpgWith this wealth of knowledge in hand I moved closer and closer to the set. I had to keep in mind that there were two Angelina Jolie doubles present on set as well [one for lighting rehearsals/tests and one for the more challenging tucking and rolling related stunts]. I spent over 2 hours at the set watching them film a scene in which Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor chase after Angelina Jolie. They must have shot it about 8 times [amazing!].

I think it goes without saying that this was the best day of my life! Have I mentioned that? I keep reiterating it to everyone I see, talk to and work with. I have been smiling from ear to ear for the past 24 hours. I am pretty sure I was even smiling in my sleep. I woke up excited to go to work because I was just amped about this entire experience. Unfortunately the only camera that I had was on my cell phone so I will link to a few sites that have better shots from yesterday’s shooting.

And in the end the best person to thank is my officemate.

Some good photos from yesterday's filiming can be found here and here.

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You started blogging again! After reading the whole thing you did not mention if you got to meet your favorite actress of all time!?

Also, I am dying to see pictures of Liev. Was he as gorgeous as I imagine?

You have the best boss on Earth. My boss would have said, "Oh yeah? Go after work."

ha ha!


Those pictures almost look like a Jolie look-a-like...funny to see her in that odd hat.


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