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September 9, 2004

Buffy..How Sweet It Is

Wow! I am feeling so good right now (amped) which is a surprise considering that earlier I was about to fall out on the floor. Went to the training room early fo treatment on my quad and got to watch TV. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (tv show) was on and I was reminded of how much I love that show. LOVE!!

"I just wanna relax in a room with a lamp and a fire and a tea cozie. I don't necesarily know what a tea cozie is, but I want one!"-Buffy


Not just the given SMG and ED but I mean the off the collar humor that goes along with it. Think I will have my DVDs of Season 1-6 sent to S.H.U.

By the way Coach Fogle is the coolest coach ever. The team played tag in the gym upstairs during practice and this cool game like rock paper scissors but it was called "Wizard, Giants & Dwarfs" (no offense trying to be PC?) People were slipping and sliding and I wager that the floor was slightly wet. Gotta read over my "lacrosse bible" some more before coaches get on me for not being prepped. Community service....GRRREAT! Well tomorrow we roll with the writer. Peace out cub scouts.

September 10, 2004




This is the best televison show of its kind. When you have horrible lines of perversion coming out of the mouth of a 46 year old high school freshman that is an ex con, ex street whore named Jerri Blank than you know true amusement. I am left on the ground laughing hysterically and trying to gasp for air. The comments of the characters are totally off the wall.

"Ok class. Today I'd like to play some mountain music I wrote while on the beach"-Mr. Jellyneck

"Ah Ha! I've been waiting all since you walked in to bust you."-Mr.Noblet

"I don't like you. Compren Ze Vu? Amigo."-Principal Blackman

"It was a cold and whispery November. I had been drinking all day and I was thrown from a horse. I had to have a lamenectamy. You all know the size of a king size sheet right? Well imagine scrambling down the hall in one of those after a boot of skag or a snort of horse."-Jerri Blank

(more great quotes to come at a later date)

September 21, 2004

My Family

I come from a family of 5, consisting of a mom, dad, and two sisters. My sister Ashley is 16 and attends Wicomico HS (check out the girls soccer page for me playing at Parkside) and my little sister Christina is 11 and just entering middle school. My Dad and I are probably the closest out of anyone in our household even though we may dislike one another at times. You know how it is with the bickering because we love eachother? I am missing him the most right now, but I think it is good that we are apart. We've been through a lot over the course of my teenage years and we need to go our own ways for now.

As far as my animal family goes, I have 3 dogs (all labs) and 2 cats. I miss my cat Charlie the most. He would always sleep at the foot of my bed at night and in the morning I would gently slide out of bed trying not to wake hime. Even if I did wake him, he wasn't mad and thats what I loved. He was a cool cat.


September 25, 2004

Strip Club Maddness

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