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June 7, 2006

My Dogs...A Photo Tribute

These rascals are two of my three dogs. Rocky is a golden/lab mix and he is the oldest. His nickname is Rudolph. Hunter is a black lab and his nicknames include Huntie-Marie, Huntie-Marie Combs and there is another one I can't think of right now. And the third do (not pictured) is named Gator, and nicknamed Pag-meena,

My Dogs.JPG

June 13, 2006

The day has come...I've been published!

All summer I have been trying to get some of my short stories published. Specifically I have been trying to get the controversial dark humor narrative "Santa's Surprise" accepted into mainstream market places. It was just something I initially decided to do in order to keep busy in between working, but it has become an obsession. I wanted to know the feeling of "being established" and I was sure that being published would do that for me. In Publication Workshop, a class which I took this past Spring we basically learned everything about getting published. I have become an e-mail checking hawk and probably check it close to five times daily if time allows for it. Today at 12:30 when I got home for my lunch break there it was; the e-mail I had been waiting for since summer began. Keep in mind that I have already submitted to 33 markets now, gotten 6 rejections because of onverwheling amounts of submissions, and 1 e-mail that said they are currently contemplating holding onto the story for a Holiday Issue. Today I got my first real acceptance e-mail and I was the only one in my house at that moment lol. Alone to bask in my own personal glory. All kidding aside, it feels magical. I copied the e-mail below. In case you were wondering PBW is an Ohio based E-Zine. The description of the writing they accept reads "strange and unpublishable in an above ground sense of writing." If you own the 2006 Edition of the Novel and Short Story Writers Market Guide you can find it under Online Markets on page 328.

From: Rianca@aol.com [Rianca@aol.com] Sent: Tue 6/13/2006 11:35 AM
To: Rodriguez, Leslie A.
Subject: Re: Fiction Submission: "Santa's Surprise"

Dear Leslie,
Thanks for sending your story to PBW. It got here just in time to appear in the June/July issue. I'll be sending you, probably at the end of July, a CD Rom copy, in Adobe Acrobat, which your computer should be able to read. All rights will revert back to you. Hope that's satisfactory.

Dick Freeman

June 20, 2006

Movie Review: 5 Children and It

As I mentioned in a comment on Moira Richardson's blog, I have picked up a summer (non-paying) gig writing children's movie reviews for a local publication called Delmarva Youth Magazine. After speaking with the publisher/editor we decided it would be best for me to review movies that were not seen as big hits when originally released, but were really good anyway. This led me to my local Blockbuster in search of those precious films that are often overlooked. My first review will appear in the July/August issue and I will post it here as well. I spent about 45 minutes taking notes in the store before coming across this particular film, needless to say it lived up to all my expectations and I highly reccomend it for those young and old. I really enjoyed it.

Rentals Re-Visited: 5 Children and It (2004)

There are many films that are overlooked upon first release and that don’t become popular until they hit video stores. For whatever reason these films weren’t hailed as “blockbusters” or “must see movies”, but never the less they are gems, lost in a sea of cinema that stand out only after you take a second glance at them on the shelves. 5 Children and It is most definitely a film worthy of your second glance.

Released in 2004, this British film can best be described as a family friendly adventure that is set during World War I. Don’t be mistaken by the film’s historical setting; it is not overwhelming with drudging facts about the actual war, but rather uses it as a backdrop for the story. Five children are sent to live with their uncle and his young son out in the English country-side because their parents are going to help the war effort. The children’s father is a pilot and their mother, a nurse.

Upon arrival at their uncle’s mansion, the children are first overwhelmed by his eccentricities, his odd-ball scientist son, and a long list of house rules. The oddest rule of all is that the children must stay out of the greenhouse. Robert, one of the younger and more mischievous children lets his curiosity give way and enters the greenhouse alone one night. Much to his surprise he discovers a magical creature with the power to grant one wish per day. The children soon learn that with power such as wishes comes great responsibility.

This film has a lot of great qualities and is definitely worth renting. I would categorize it as a mix of any film in the Harry Potter series and Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Another fantastic feature about this film is that it is a total of 89 minutes long, which by no means is hard to sit through. I highly recommend this film, the story will keep you enthralled and the magical creature’s humor will have you and your children laughing.

June 27, 2006

A New Addition To My Life...

Pictured below is the newest addition to my life, it's blue and helpful and I was so excited to get it today. I wanted to hug the DHL delivery driver just for placing it on my door step. Already I am finding so many uses for my palm, not to mention the added bonus of it's games. In keeping with what seems to be a tradition among Palm users, I am currently selecting a name for him. I am open to any suggestions. Ps, from what I hear Palmy is already taken...=)


I am a big fan of the blue color matching my camera. I bought both items on ebay and couldn't be happier, mostly because they are brand new. The PDA was bought by someone that needed it for work but a week after getting it in the mail, his company banned the devices from synching to the network and his need for one was lost. His loss, my gain.

Sometimes I Don't Want To Work...

Sometimes when I don't want to go to work I call in and tell them that I have penguin fever. In case any of you were wondering I am making this up and being a little kooky right now. This is actually a picture I took this morning in my room. It came out cool and I was sending it to people all day via e-mail and Pix Msg (cell phone) with the caption "I've Got Penguin Fever!" Enjoy.


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