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July 4, 2008

Gone Fishing...

Yesterday I was driving up to Laurel, MD for an interview and stopped to eat breakfast at a McDonalds restaurant or 'McDons' as Stormy and I call it. When I was in line at the drive-thru window I noticed that something was moving on the trailer hitch of the truck in front of me. Upon closer inspection I determined it was a fish (fake of course). The fish was positioned mouth down on the trailer hitch with its tail flapping in the air. I took a picture and a video of this crazy fish. After looking online I found out that this novelty hitch is called the "Flopping Bass" trailer hitch.

And for only $24.95 it can be yours. What will people think of next?

July 5, 2008

Most Controversial Video Games of All Time...

During my morning scan of GameDaily I came across this article on the most controversial video games of all time and of course Mortal Kombat was on the list. I remember when it came out for Sega Genesis and my parents wouldn't let me buy it because of the gratuitous violence. I ended up borrowing it from my good friend Eric and then showing the parental untis that the bloody violence could be turned off. You could play with or without blood. It is funny that they would try and keep me from playing this game and years later we would as a family play Tekken 3 for Playstation.

Does anyone else recall the Mortal Kombat related death that occurred when a teenager re-enacted moves from the game on her younger sibling? It resulted in the young girl being killed after she was kicked and slammed to the floor. So I can somewhat see the parental concern in this particular case, but it really depends on the person playing the game in my opinion.

Other games mentioned on the list were Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt 2, Doom, and Hitman: Blood Money.

July 6, 2008

Movie Trailers: Shocker...

Yesterday it was raining so I went to the movies and apparently this was the motivation of everyone in the city because the theater was packed. The anticipation had been mounting for me to go see Wanted and this was finally the day. After waiting in a line for about ten minutes I finally got into the theater and took my seat. I don't even know why I was peeved about being late to the movie because the first 20 minutes are always the previews of coming attractions. Ahhh trailers; the part that I both love and hate about going to the movies. I will admit that I saw some awesome trailers yesterday for movies like The X-Files: I Want To Believe and Death Race.

When the trailer for Step Brothers was shown my jaw kind of dropped a little bit. I had seen previews on television for the movie, but this was the first theater trailer I had been able to view. I guess the shocking part for me was how candidly they use the f-bomb in the preview for the movie. Maybe it has just been a long time since I have been to the movies, but I can't ever recall seeing a trailer with cursing other then damn or occasionally s**t. Granted I was in a rated R movie there is still the chance that some kids are in there with their ill informed parents. Now on the official Step Brothers website they have the restricted trailer available for view upon age verification (a simple road block which any kid with a calculator can beat).

For me to be shocked by something like this was a surprise. I just didn't think it was necessary. The movie looked funny before and I am sure it still would have if they played the television trailer. Is this something that has been going on for a long time? Do the trailers at R rated movies always have explicit language in them? If yes, kudos to Sony Pictures if shock value was what they wanted to achieve.

July 23, 2008

A Little Joke About Bloggers...


July 26, 2008

Webkinz Revolution...

webkinz_penguin_avatar.jpgI have been meaning to blog about Webkinz ever since I received one as a gift for Christmas this year from my good friend Kaylee. For those of you readers that don't know the premise behind Webkinz creatures is similar to that of a Tamagotchi (bloggers my age [22] may remember having these in middle school along with their subsequent banning from middle school). I think Wikipedia gives the best definition of Webkinz:

"Each Webkinz stuffed animal and Webkinz accessory comes with an 8-character code. By registering this code on the Webkinz website, you "adopt" this pet in the virtual Webkinz World. Without the Secret Code, the user may not get access to the Webkinz world.

The Webkins World is an online play area with its own economy. The user receives money (called KinzCash) by adopting new pets, playing online games, answering general knowledge questions, and through daily activities like clicking "I love my Webkinz!", spinning the Wheel of WOW, playing Wishing Well 2, or completing jobs (minigames) available once every 8 hours.

Each day, there is a Game of the Day which can be played for bonus KinzCash, and other bonuses are available each hour, full days on weekends and afternoons only on weekdays. With each Webkinz toy purchased, more money, rooms, and items are added to the user's account."

As I mentioned before I received a Webkinz stuffed pet for Christmas and since "adopting" my pet penguin in January his world has grown immensely. My penguin has what I like to call a Webkinz mansion. His home floor plan is pictured in the screen shot below.


He has a yard, garden, guest bedroom, bedroom, game room, bathroom, lounge and a party room. I guess I should note that each of these rooms costs $1,000 KinzCash and then you have to buy all the accessories for each room. My pets lounge also doubles as a kitchen in order to save space.

Bender Bending Rodriguez...

I am finally getting a chance to blog about a million (slight exaggeration) things that I have been making notes about on my cell phone. I swear I use that notepad function religiously. Ugh I hate that it takes me so long to actually sit down and write about all this great stuff, but once I get started it usually works out. Right now I am trying to catch up on some of my recent thoughts. So I am probably going to be posting a lot of random short entries in the coming weeks.

Ohhh and I have also gotten into vlogging on YouTube so that should be interesting. I will be posting links to some videos in the near future. But back to the point of this entry. I was watching Futurama recently on Comedy Central late at night (they play re-runs) and in the episode Bender had to save the day and proclaimed something to the effect of "or my name isn't Bender Bending Rodriguez!" I could have died laughing. I think I may have woken up everyone in my house because I was howling. Shout out to the Rodriguez name!

And I just found something very cool while looking for a link to use in this entry. Someone actually built a Bender computer casemod and it is amazing.


July 28, 2008

Greensburg Coincidence & Weird Al Yankovic...

AL_TAT.jpgIn a random moment of YouTube greatness I followed a link to Weird Al Yankovic's professional website. I was checking out what the king of the pop culture parody was working on when I noticed the tab for fan art. To my surprise I clicked on a piece entitled "Fan Art #387 - Eight-armed Al tattoo" and it was in fact an awesome tattoo that someone had gotten in Al's honor! And the tattoo was done in Greensburg, PA at Unique Ink of all places. Ohh how I miss the greatness of living in the 15601. Could this be a sign for me to go back to my college home town? Or to create my own parodies so that some day someone will get a tattoo of me on them? Hahaha I doubt it is either actually.

July 30, 2008

Chainsaw Maid...

Another great random YouTube find. This one is posted especially for Arnzen. Claymation has never looked so cool to me. The video description read:

"THEY are coming for your FLESH and BLOOD! Now the last hope of the family rests on a sexy faithful MAID! The most brutal clay-animation you've ever seen!"

July 31, 2008

Who watches the Watchmen?

smi.jpgAs Stormy noted in a recent blog entry the most celebrated graphic novel of all time, Watchmen, has been made into a full length feature film. I personally am incredibly psyched to see what the on screen representations of the novel and its characters look like. I have viewed the trailer and seen various on set photographs from the film. There are also some movie stills floating around the web as well.

One thing that really surprised me is that it appears the director/producer has cast relatively unknown actors and for that I must give out some props. I checked into the acting resumes of each of the actors and none of them seem to have done too much. I am personally looking forward to seeing the Comedian on screen. While I was looking for pictures from the movie I came across some really great fan representations of the Watchmen. Check out the Lego Watchmen below.


Also check out the Peanuts Watchmen which is a combination of the novel's characters and those of Charles M. Schulz.

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