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February 17, 2009

Living In A Dollhouse...

I was most certainly one of those closet geeks [though I may have been outted by now] that marked their calendar as soon as Joss Whedon’s new Fox action-drama was announced. Dollhouse debuted Friday February 13, 2009 and boy was it something else! I will admit that up until about two weeks ago I did not have much exposition on this new Whedon creation. I had been following the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog online, but didn’t know Whedon was cooking up a new television series. I mean maybe I am just out of the loop with Whedon stuff...but I promise to get back in it!

It is like at that point where I am just so in awe of him [Whedon] that each new creation is more impressive then the previous. I knew that I wanted to watch it and that was about it. I honestly haven’t viewed one of his shows and not loved it. I was personally hurt when Fox canceled Firefly, which was Whedon’s first post Buffy the Vampire Slayer effort.

And you can imagine my shock when it was revealed that Eliza Dushku [who played my favorite Buffy character ever] was not only starring in the show, but also acting as the show’s producer. Mind blowing stuff! I was experiencing a nerd freak out at this point.

Though the thought of conflicts of interest did pop into my head...but we can only hope she makes choices in the best interest of the show. I believe this may be the first production credit for Dushku, but don't quote me. There are also a lot of Buffy-esque elements present on Dollhouse. How about calling the girl who repeats most of what she hears Echo? Pretty much genius stuff we are dealing with here. I have a lot more to say about this so stay tuned. I am just too tired to articulate it properly at the moment!

First take away opinion of the show is that it may not resonate with non-Whedon fans [those who know what to expect from his writing style] and those who don't want to take the time to enjoy thoughtful and informative exposition based dialogue! Basically if you are looking for a show that requires no effort in regard to thinking...Dollhouse is not for you. Everyone else can check it out Friday on Fox at 9:00pm.

February 26, 2009

Lois Lane: Female Journalist Extraordinaire...

Can you dig it?


February 27, 2009

Robbed in the night...


So last night my car was robbed. I got home around 11:00 pm and parked it per the usual. When I went out to my car at 6:15 am for work I discovered a broken window and that my GPS and mp3 player had been stolen from the center console and glove box. I called the police, who may I say arrived rather promptly. Six other cars in my apartment complex were also burglarized as of 7:30am. That number may have climbed since this morning as people went out to their cars for work. The police fingerprinted the vehicle, but that remains inconclusive.

Brand new 2008 Ford Fusion vandalized...big city life can suck sometimes.


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