October 15, 2003

No more blondes?

Hmmm....see this entry would have been done before this morning, however, we have had no internet access in brownlee since about four friday, which is whenever i got back from work and was going to do my assignment....so i had to do it this morning in the computer lab between classes.....nonetheless here it is.

Upon reading the article about blondes dying out in two hundred years, I have formulated an opinion. I don't know if this discovery really matters much to anyone but blondes...sorry girls and boys. Why does it matter if someone has blonde hair or not? Won't they still be the same person just with a different hair color? It would be the same as dying your hair, my friend back home just dyed her hair dark brown, but shes still the same person. Two people will still have their baby, with the same personality traits, just not blonde hair. The kid will still be their little cutesy pie only the little schmoopkin will have brown hair instead of blond. And also, just because two parents do not have blond hair, doesn't mean their kids won't. The parents may house the recessive genes from their parent. A child can still get the gene if only one parent has it, their hair will not be blonde but they will still house the gene and if they marry someone else who houses the gene...what do you know? A blonde baby. People will still dye their hair blond, people will still dye it from blonde, is natural blonde hair really an issue or was someone just itching to write a stupid news story? Its interesting to have discovered this, but why is it news? Discoveries are made every day that are not put in the news, why is this one so special? Hmmm..blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, still the same person, whys the color make a difference? Just as someones skin color is not important, someones hair color shouldn't be either.

Posted by Lori Rupert at October 15, 2003 10:21 AM
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