January 13, 2004

Sleep is the only place dreams come true.

And that has become my new favorite quote. I made it up, and while it may make not an ounce of sense to the outside world, to me it explains oh so much...."Sleep is the only place dreams come true"-Lori-

Did you ever think that just when you found something that perhaps seemed stable, seemed so good, so surreal, that finally, things were getting better, only to have it suddenly turn into a spiraling mess? Was happy, had something good, yet, i was so afraid for it to be ruined, tryed and was trying so hard to make it work, i think i may have messed it up. I mean, things are better than they were earlier, but yet, even earlier than that they were so much better than they are now. I guess, perhaps, that if i quit trying so hard to do, and just do, quit trying so hard to be or not be something and just be? Perhaps if i eliminate trying and just do, there is no room for failure? I mean, you can try to do something and fail, but if you just do it, can you fail? I don't know, it makes sense to me, but then i guess, i am the one sitting here typing at twelve nineteen am on a, well, now tuesday morning..and i am the one experiencing the situation. So i guess i will just do, just be, quit trying, but then, quit trying, isn't that the same as quitting? Either way, im going to sleep, where my dreams have no choice to come true, because in the delusional state of sleep they are true. Good night world.

Posted by Lori Rupert at January 13, 2004 12:16 AM

That entry is really stimulating. It was borderline poetic, in my opinion. Nice thoughts :)

Posted by: Karissa at January 13, 2004 04:11 PM

Aww hun! Don't feel that way. Things will get better over time and if they don't they weren't meant to be. Just remember you will always have me to talk to if you want.


Posted by: Tiffany at January 13, 2004 05:56 PM

Thanks Rissa. And yes, to your amazement, i DID go to Kiski...:)

Posted by: Lori at January 14, 2004 12:40 AM

Thanks Niffy, guess i could have thanked you both in the same entry. Well look at that, you are both so special you get your own entries..luv ya guys!:)

Posted by: Lori at January 14, 2004 12:41 AM

I was just thinking and typed in your quote "Sleep is the only place dreams come true." and your blog was the first thing to come up and so I read your blog and its amazing because you just put my very thoughts into words and its so amazing to know someone else is went through the exact same thing.

Posted by: Jenny at November 5, 2006 07:44 PM


This is such an old entry. I really hope you come back to my blog though maybe just out of curiousity or whatever, but this is the only way to get in touch with you it seems and I think that you would be a neat person to talk to...I can explain to you how your comment just did for me what my blog entry did for you. So, If you see this..please, comment back...and we can maybe figure out a way to get ahold of each other.

Posted by: Lori at November 6, 2006 01:35 AM
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