January 29, 2004


I decided to try my hand at a flash fiction story. I really have no idea what a "right" flash fiction story consists of, so feel free to criticize my work. Compliments, comments, and complaints are welcome.....

Confined by choice to her bedroom, protected and closed in by the snow white, unmarked walls, surrendered to their innocence, she did nothing but think. Back and forth her eyes shifted, wedding band to wall, a dirtied symbol to innnocence. His secret was no longer undisclosed.

Posted by Lori Rupert at January 29, 2004 10:24 AM

Your Flash Fiction story is incredibly deep and shows an amazing picture of a woman stuck by her choices in life. Am I correct in my assumption? Is that what you were going for?


Posted by: Tiffany at January 29, 2004 12:37 PM

I like the intensity of this piece. But "His secret was no longer undisclosed"...that's a double-negative, isn't it? Regardless, good flash fic.

Posted by: Mike Arnzen at January 29, 2004 06:10 PM

Dr. Arnzen, No, its correct. I put in the word secret into microsoft word and got a synonym for it, then after you said that i did it again to check, than i looked in a dictionary, and i could not find the word undisclosed, but i did find the word disclosed: according to The Merriam Webster dictionary it means to expose to view. So undisclosed would be not exposed to view, so no longer undisclose would be now exposed to view...so it is right.......

Posted by: Lori at January 29, 2004 08:34 PM
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