March 03, 2004

I lied

The weather is now not the only thing effecting me.

Last night, I went to see The Vagina Monologues. I really didn't even intially know what they were, until i read the advertisement for it which is posted around SHU. Once I understood what they were, i thought to myself, oh that will be interesting, i would like to go. Well, i had no money to buy a ticket but i really wanted to go, i wanted to go even more after reading some of the book, which i stole from Carla Rae in Lit class. The class right after that, a friend of mine offered me her ticket, because she didn't want to go. She declined my offer to pay her back. I went there expecting it to only be about an hour, an hour and a half, it was two and a half hours long and amazing. All of the actresses did an amazing job, i laughed and i cried. I was incredibly moved by the pieces performed, and the facts that were read off. I don't cry during movies or things like that, they don't effect me emotionally very often, but the Vagina Monologues hit a nerve. I had tears in my eyes. I am extremely glad i went to see it, and i would definitely see it again, i like the stories when i was reading the book, but seeing them acted out, made them hit so much harder, than the fact that they were TRUE stories. I warn everyone, some stories were vulgar at points, and some things were a little bit shocking, and i know the entire show itself is a hell of a controversy right now, especially at a catholic college, but i recommend it. You will laugh, you will cry, or you may not even like it, but i know i did, i want to go get the book now. Props to Natalia Cruz, who organized the entire thing, props to the actresses, the director, all of the guys who attended, all of the guys who signed the anti violence pledge on v-day, all of the people who participated in v-day, Rebecca Campbell, cofounder of the Blackburn center, who won the Vagina Warrior award, all people who attended period, all supporters of v-day and the Seton Hill Vagina Monologues performance and to all of the woman out there who were brave enought to share their stories for this project.

Posted by Lori Rupert at March 3, 2004 08:27 PM

I am glad you like it and shared it. I really wanted to go but work called, and I grudgingly answered.

Posted by: Amanda at March 4, 2004 12:16 AM

Amanda, i would recommend picking up the book. The stories are the same, and they were good when i started to read them, but if you can see it, definitely do, because it was amazing when it was live. If you want to know anything about it, i will try to explain it to you, just ask, and in the meantime, invest in caller id, that way, if work calls, you won't have to answer to find out who it is:)

Posted by: Lori at March 4, 2004 02:28 PM
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