March 31, 2004

Well folks, you must have blinked, beacause that was March

Its the last day of March, its the last day of March, which only means one thing.......

Summer is almost here!!!! Even with the extra day in February, the past semester has been flying by, almost as fast as superman around the world..ok ok..i know..not funny..but anyways, the past semester has flown, March included. While i know i am going to miss my kick ass college friends (:)), I am looking forward to the summer so much, especially my new and exciting job. I need a break from all of the seems like everytime i turn around, i have a paper due. Ex. Me-"Whew....glad i got that paper turned in.
(An hour or so later)"Hmm..its time for class, better head off."
Professor-"So class, two weeks from now, you have a research paper due..."
Ok Ok so maybe its not thhhattt wait..yes it is. So many papers, so much concentration, so drained. I made a public service announcement to my future co-employees that i will pay any one of them ransom to come kidnap me when they leave for Cedar Point.....where are you summer...this girl needs a break.....

Posted by Lori Rupert at March 31, 2004 12:31 AM
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