April 28, 2004

Research Galore

Only once did i write a research paper before coming to SHU, and it was my senior year in high school. We had to complete a research project to graduate. Upon coming to Seton Hill, i defnitely got my fill and experience with research papers.

I had to do, i think one last semester, and i think three this semester. I am lucky to have Dr. Jerz for Thinking and Writing, because in knowing what he wants for that class, i know what is wanted for Lit class as well. Even though i was just taught MLA style my senior year, i still became pretty good at it, and remembered most of it upon coming to college. I am glad that i have a good memory and that i retained this information, it helped me to be less confused when it came time do begin our papers. Being forced to write research papers, has caused me to become a better writer. Because this was a more technical type of writing than i was used to, i trained myself to write in many varying styles. I could kind of do research before, i mean, i didn't do too bad on my paper senior year, but my real passion and talent was creative and journalistic writing. However, the more research papers i did, the better i became at them, as i taught myself what type of skills these technical papers required. I also think that writing research papers has helped me as an English major, because i believe as an English major, you should be accustomed to all types of writing. Although my research papers were alot of work, i am glad i had to do them. However, if i could do them over again, i would start researching earlier, and i would start working on it earlier, rather than waiting until the weekend before to put it all together. I would at least try to get some of it done in prior weeks, leaving the last weekend to tie up the ends.

Posted by Lori Rupert at April 28, 2004 02:56 PM

While we all say that we wouldn't procrastinate, I have the entire year, primarily because I work so hard on everything that I get behind in everything.

The main reason I chose journalism is because I like the deadline culture. I like working against the clock and winning. However, in college, all your projects are on the clock, and the game is how well you can work that schedule and keep your brain sane. I have not been wholely successful this year--at least in the sane area. :-)

Posted by: Amanda at April 29, 2004 06:32 PM

Amanda, the whole idea of working so hard on everything that you fall behind is a horrible trap! I feel that I fell into it myself this year. If we put off big tasks that we dislike, in favor of doing small tasks that we do like, we'll feel very productive becuase of the number of small tasks we get done, but the big tasks will loom ever larger.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at April 30, 2004 01:30 PM
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