April 29, 2004

Breakup Fakeup

So i know i already did some reminiscing, sharing the great lessons i have learned here at SHU besides academics, but this is a different kind of reminiscing...a tribute..if you will......

Believe me, i have been through many years of education, im sure everyone has. In elementary school, middle school, and high school, it was all the same. You know how goes:

Me-Hey, well, im going to miss you guys, would you sign my yearbook? And make sure to put your phone number in there, we have to keep in touch this summer.

Random friend 1-Yeah, of course we do, this summer is going to suck without all of you. (Scribbles madly, some touching message or inside joke, ending it with a barely legible signature, a phone number and the letters K.I.T.)

Me-Oh ok, ill call you, i promise, we will chill this summer.

And then we all go our separate ways, not seeing each other until the next school year, and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Really, i thought my high school acquaintances were friends, but did i make an effort to actually hang out with them all during the summer? Did any of us really keep in touch? Nope. And it didn't make me a bit sad, i knew when we left we weren't going to see each other over the summer. Sure, the cliques of the excessively popular people would see each other, but my acquiantances and i, hell no. Ok..so on to the tribute part, i would like to give a shout out to all of my friends here at SHU, all of my classmates, everyone. I am seriously going to miss you guys. Im sad about leaving, i don't want to leave, i actually care that things may be different next year because of not seeing each other all summer. Thing is, i can't see people, because i will be in Ohio, and all of my friends pretty much live in this state. I mean sure, there are those few friends, the ones that you meet, and stay friends with, and things don't change, those are real friends. I think i have found REAL friends here at SHU, because i am actually going to miss you guys, and i do suppose that if we really are real friends, things will pick up right back up next year...i sure as hell hope so....so...to all of you...thanks for making my year kick ass, have the summer of your lives, and ill see you next year...keep in touch...and i mean it this time....

*Hows that for sad, and sappy......*shrugs* Oh well, thats just me i suppose......

Posted by Lori Rupert at April 29, 2004 10:45 AM

I will miss you so much. You and I can talk about anything. Are you going to blog this summer?

Just a little note: Your blogging style is changing into a little bit of everyone. I see some Puff, Rubino, STW, and lots of Lori in this entry. Love the combination. :-D

Posted by: Amanda at April 29, 2004 06:27 PM

Aww..thanks so much Amanda, i am going to miss you alot too...your comment made me go..awwww..in the middle of the comp lab...yes, i plan on blogging, although how often it will be i don't know..because i will be working at Cedar Point, and i will not have my computer, but will be sharing one with three other girls, so as often as i can get online, i will blog....

Posted by: Lori at April 30, 2004 08:53 AM
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