May 04, 2004

Leaving on a jet plane

I feel as though i have been MIA on the blogosphere this past weekend, and in a sense i have. I was gone this entire weekend, and when i came back sunday night, SHU's great fantastic internet was having a small malfunction, which as we all know is a big surprise considering how perfect it usually is. *coughbullshitcough* Therefore, i couldn't blog sunday night when i got back, and yesterday i was too involved in DDR and hanging out with people, putting off packing, which is also what i should be doing now.....

But anyways, on to my weekend. I know some people know of my trip to California this weekend, yes the state. I just wanted to give a rundown of my weekend, although not very hilarious, some parts of it were rather funny.

Friday after i got out of Faith class, i had to rush back to my room to begin packing my clothes, a simple task considering i was only going for the weekend. After packing needed items, i went back to April's room for yet more DDR. My parents came to get me at four, my dad was insisting that some horrible monstrosity was going to cause us to be hours late, causing me to miss my flight which wasn't until 8:40 anyways. He was so worried about traffic and such, i was wolfing down my bacon ranch salad from McDonalds with a speed that would give any vacuum cleaner competition. We got to the airport at six, a full two hours plus before i had to even board my flight. So i checked in, yada yada yada, and i went to the security checkpoint, where the security guy informed me that i got selected for additional searching. Apparently, i just happen to be the lucky number of the random person given such an honor. I walked through, only to begin beeping because i still had my phone in my pocket. The officer pointed to it, and told me to go to this lady, so i go to her, she takes my bookbag, and my duffle bag, tells me i cannot touch my stuff, and tells me to stand there facing my belongings with my arms out. And then, i got wanded. I beeped in a few places, consequence of the metal buttons and such on my clothing, and then i had to sit down while they searched my stuff. Well, the zipper on my bookbag has been breaking alot recently, and it didn't fail to do so this time.

Security guy-"umm you might want to fix this before we search the other part of your bookbag, so everything doesn't fall out."

Me-"Well, i can fix it, but that would mean touching my stuff." *This is a big no no. When you are getting searched, its securities stuff, NOT yours...*

Security guy-"ok, thats fine." (Big surprise!!! How does he know i wasn't going to bust out my badass box cutter, carefully stowed away in my ultra super secret spy pocket of my pants. Mwahahahhahahaha)

Ten minutes later of fighting a losing battle with my zipper (Took it out with a backhand, the thing wont' be messing with me any more, at least not until sunday morning..ooy vey) They checked the rest of my bookbag, and didn't fine anything, *sigh of relief*..i mean... However, all the while, my parents where standing outside the glass separating the airport from the security standpoint. They were just looking at me, and i couldn't go back through, and they couldn't come through to me, and by the time they would be home, i would be on my flight, unable to call them.
Thinking to myself....Oh damn, my parents probably though i tried to bomb the freakin plane. My barely 5'0 frame must look rather threatening, perhaps they were afraid of my mass of red curls..wooooohhhh scary.
I had a successful, relaxing straight, 6 hour flight to California, and i don't remember any of it, because i slept. (Staying up to four am playing DDR does tend to make a person sleepy) I got to LA, my friend picked me up, we went back the hotel, and i fell asleep again. Saturday morning, we got up early, went to breakfast, where i got an omelette with shrimp and crab in it. I had never had an omelette with seafood in it, much less encountered any place that made one. After that, we went to the San Diego Zoo, the biggest zoo in the country, and one of very few that houses panda bears. After spending six hours at the zoo, during which we rode the skyfari, and the double decker guided tour bus, we went to Oceanside, went out to dinner, and then went to the beach, where we walked along the shore and in the ocean, picking up shells, and we watched the sun set. Afterwards, we got ice cream, and then went back to the hotel. Sunday, we got up early, this time i had a 9:40 flight, and after getting lost three times or so trying to find the airport, and then two or three more times trying to get to where i could be dropped off, i was set and inside the airport. It was really funny, at times, we could see the airport but we couldn't get to it, then once we got to it, we kept accidentally getting on the freeway trying to get to the proper spot. I flew to Phoenix then, where i enjoyed a lovely four hour layover, filled with starbucks coffee, cell phone conversations, reading of the Diamond Age, and attempted sleep. I flew to Pittsburgh, my parents picked me up, and i came back to SHU to find out our internet was MIA. Pretty much, my weekend was spectacular, i hope everyone elses was great too. All i kept thinking was FREEDOM. I have no work due on Monday, i can RELAX. Wow, our first real weekend of freedom, we made it guys, enjoy.

Posted by Lori Rupert at May 4, 2004 02:44 PM

"with a speed that would give any vacuum cleaner competition" you rock Lori!

Posted by: Diana at May 11, 2004 02:17 PM
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