September 14, 2004

Hold on to your sink, we're goin over the hill!

**On a side note, my roommate moved out where i was at this summer, making it impossible for me to blog, lack of internet access sucks, but anyways, i came back to school, and was so freaking busy, but now, with a little bit of time, im going to blog three or four entries.

As many of you know, this summer, i worked at Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster, tallest fastest rollercoaster. A previous entry i wrote while i actually had internet access, described alot about what i got at Cedar Point, and number one loosely related to the loose article policy.

For the complete understanding of this entry, i will explain our loose article policy in depth. Are you ready? This is big....NOTHING. One can take NOTHING on our ride. No basketballs, souvenir cups, stuffed animals, backpacks, purses, cell phones, cameras, or sunglasses, unless complete with a tight fitting headstrap that goes completely AROUND the back of the head. (Can't tell you how many times i said THAT this summer...he he). Yes, Top Thrill Dragster has a zero tolerance loose article policy. Its a pain in the butt to stand there and make sure none of those things actually come on our ride, but the policy itself is so simple. Your not having one stand there while you go over a list of articles in your head, you just simply tell them NO. Being able to tell guests no, what a feeling....mwahahahaha...... i was taken away from my glorious experience of saying no, one day when we were broken down, i volunteered to go work Raptor. I only ended up working for about half an hour, but i worked entrance, boy what an experience. Considering i worked previously on Top Thrill, Raptor entrance went a little like this:
*Guest walks by wearing sunglasses, and carrying a bookbag*
*Me-Sir, that go ahead....sir, those glasses expensive they look really good on you...

As compared to:That bookbag must be placed in a locker, or those glasses must have a tight fitting headstrap.

My dragster instincts were attempting to take over. See, Raptor, has no loose article policy. Wait, i take that back, you can't take big stuffed animals, big video recorders, and of course, as with any line, tobacco or alcohol. However, as long as you leave the stuffed animals and camcorders in your car, you can take your entire freakin house. Thats how they described it to me when i started.

*Me-"So uhh...whats your loose article policy?"
*Raptor employee-"What loose article policy? I don't even know what that is, here on Raptor, you can take your entire house if you wanted, kitchen sink and all, as long as it was a small kitchen sink, smaller than a backpack."

I can just imagine walking past Raptor and hearing: "Hold onto the sink kids, we're goin over the hill!"

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 14, 2004 08:17 AM
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