September 21, 2004

Invisible, it burns

After discussions of The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, i have come to form some opinions which i mainly kept quiet about in class. Now that i have a number of things to say, i am presenting them for all to view.

First of all, one may wonder why Dimmesdale didn't speak up and declare that he was Pearl's father. Back in that time, men were not necessarily looked down on for things as much as women were. It may have been a little worse for him because of his profession, but had he been a regular townsperson, i don't think that much attention would have been drawn to the fact that he fathered an illegitimate baby. I think that by keeping it inside, it is more punishment to him and a wiser decision at that. Since he would not be greatly ridiculed by society (or so i think) he keeps it inside becuase that way he will always remember it and it won't be passed off as nothing. Also, by keeping it inside, its just eating away at him, he needs to tell someone but won't let himself so that he suffers possibly as much as Hester does. Another hot topic in class was whether or not Pearl should be told of her mothers sin. Alot of people wondered why Hester wouldn't answer the child's questions. I think it is better that she not do so. If she were to even begin to answer, the child would want to know more and more and more. Most people, once they know the slightest tid bit of information, they want to know more. If someone is ignoring you, eventually, one will just walk away, but if they say im mad at you, then you are going to stick around and ask why, what did i do, what do you mean, then there is room for discussion. If she just lets Pearl think what she wants, eventually, Pearl may give up asking. However, as i stated before, if divulged any information, Pearl will only want to know more.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 21, 2004 07:45 PM

Hey Lor,
I think you already know that I disagree with how you think Dimmesdale should of handled the situation and how Hester should of handled her situation with Pearl. I read your blog over and over again and I tried to think like you. I do understand how you think Pearl doesn't have a right to know, she is only seven years old. But I wanted to ask you how you would feel about the situation? I was watching a show "Everwood" and it was almost the same situation. Delia found something underneath her babysitters' bed and questioned what it was. She was very embarrassed and ignored the question and was hoping it would just go away, but in the long run it was a complete mess and she realized she should of just told the child. That is how I feel-I feel that if you are going to ignore the child-she is going to find out tyhe hard way and be hurt because you wouldn't just tell her the truth from the beginning.
Now with Dimmesdale, I do see your point as to how he was probably hurting just as much as Hester, but I do like revenge and I would of liked to see him stand up and take responsibility for his actions!
I am not trying to change your mind-just telling you whatI thought! You still rock!!

Posted by: Gina at October 5, 2004 03:08 PM

I actually saw that too Gina ;) (hardcore everwood fan) , but i totally agree with you. Even though Perl was , "only 7 years old", she is an intelligent child and should be told the truth. Check out my blog on this and let me know what you think!

Also Lori, what do you think would happen if Hester had told Perl the truth? would it have made a big difference? how might the story have been different?

Posted by: Erin Manko at October 6, 2004 08:23 PM

Sorry girls, i can't say i am familiar with the shows, however, maybe what i said is being taken too far. I think Pearl should be told eventually, just not right then when she is asking. I think that by being told then, as i stated in my entry, she will just want to know more and more, however, if it is held off until she is older, perhaps it will be better, she will have had more experiences and more understanding of the world around her in able to properly understand and judge her mother's sins. Had Hester told Pearl the truth, Pearl may have thought what others were saying about her mother was justified. In thinking so, Pearl may have had a hard time being around anyone and being able to look at them. Right now, she can go out and innocently defend her mother and herself, and look anyone and everyone in the eye and not feel shame or fear. However, if she were to be told now, when she is only seven years old and needs other people, she might draw away from them because of the shame she feels about her mother. She may then believe she has noone and become depressed. I don't think Pearl really understood what she was asking. I appreciate your opinions very much, and i like seeing another point of view, however, i still don't think Pearl should be told right now.

Posted by: Lori at October 8, 2004 12:48 AM
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