October 11, 2004

Once upon an "Angel ov te odd"

When i first found out we had to do presentations on a Dickinson or Poe work, I was a little worried as to what i was going to do.

I was sitting there contemplating, not sure what exactly i was going to do, i am not familiar with alot of Dickinson and Poe works, and being that i wanted to do something that noone else was doing, i was a tad bit unsure what to choose. Suddenly, the idea came to my mind how much fun it would be to argue. As most know, im extremely opinionated and not shy about admitting it. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and was debating about doing it myself or trying to find a partner, as i contemplated this decision, i looked up, and for some reason, Kelly Smogor caught my eye. Kelly, i immediately thought, Kelly will do it, and sure enough, when i approached her after class she agreed that i had a good idea, and said she would be glad to join me, it sounded like fun. I pretty much had her looking up the work, she had a giant book of Poe, and we decided to forgo anything Dickinso because all her works were nice and sweet and we determined Poe would have a text where the characters argued. We came up with "The Angel of the Odd: An Extravaganza."
We decided to try and perform the entire argument, up until the point where the Angel leaves. This was a rather long segment, and in trying to get through it all in six to eight minutes, we were rushing a tad. That, in fact, was our biggest complaint.
"Rushing, slow down." "Reading like lightning, zoom, the words are gone." I'd like you to start...."slowing down..."

We got good comments on the physical aspect. Most of them said good visual movements, and nice facial expressions, one, wanted me to look at the audience more though. Kelly and i both feared someone would mention the fact that we were performing it like a play. I, for some odd reason, wanted to perform it like so, Kelly however, was sure someone would mention it if we did, and controversy would arise, because she is a theatre major and so on and so on. However, i thought we did prettry good at keeping our performance in tact, and not trying to present it like we were competing for an Academy Award. We only had one such comment which i was afraid of. "Try performing it less like theatre.
Some people also said the couldn't understand us, however, i am wondering could this be because i have a bunch of random words here that sound like another language that i am trying to prounounce? Hmm....lets wonder.........
All in all though, our performance went well, and i was pleased with it. If i had to do it over, the biggest thing i would do is to pick a smaller piece, one that is almost too small so we would be forced to stretch it out by reading slow, and i would attempt to look at the audience more.

Posted by Lori Rupert at October 11, 2004 06:46 AM
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