October 11, 2004

A Collaboration of Kaleidoscope Patterns

Amanda, dear friend of mine, said that she refuses to search through people's archives for entries. For her, and other reasons too, here they are, my 2004 Lit entries, and then some.

*As is usually the occurence, I had an opinion of The Scarlet Letter that was completely backwards and different than everyone else's. When i presented my opinion in class, I was immediately shot down by claims and opinions from others.

*My brief, but once again odd, views of The Raven brought about slight discussion on my site, which included agreement and some ideas to help me out and get me considering other's opinions, Renee mentions despite a comparitive blog entry from Katie, she still has no desire to read The Raven

*I asked the important question of whether Bartelby was a rebel, first of all, and more importantly, was he a rebel with or without a cause? How exactly was Melville trying to portray Bartelby the Scrivener? I focused merely on Bartelby himself, but some others, such as Amanda and Renee, commented positively and negatively, respectively, on the text itself.

*My poor brain, as did Amandas, has its eras, classes and philosphers confused. Much of what Emerson said, i could relate to Clifford, whom we discussed in my philosophy class. I enjoyed the readings of Emerson, and happened to agree with them, while i thought the readings of Thoreau were rather boring.

*I am a rather odd character, or so i have been told, and this time, i played one. Kelly Smogor and I presented Angel of the Odd by Edgar Allen Poe as our requirement for the Retro Lit Cover Slam . I, in all my weirdness, was the Angel of the Odd. The Cover Slam was definitely a relief from alot of stress most of us students had been undergoing. While worth a grade, it was a simple presentation, with mild preparation, and it was fun too.

*In our first look at Ambrose Bierce, we were completely taken aback by the ending of An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge. To me, i think the word Occurence had a double meaning. Not only was it talking about the hanging itself, but i believe it stood for the main characters death as well.

**They like me, they really like me!!**

* In this such blog, my small comment on Amanda's Poe entry, sparked a slight discussion between her, Renee and i on my blog.

*I had started to state my opinion of The Scarlet Letter in class, however, Gina disagreed with me and i didn't really get to finish speaking, however, i blogged the remainder of my opinion on the hot topic of exactly how much Pearl should be informed. My entry stemmed a lengthy comment from Gina, and then Erin, and i responded with a lengthy comment geared towards both of them.

*Amanda blogged about Emerson and Thoreau and how they were reminding her of other classes, and eras, and i followed suit by comparing Emerson to Clifford, a philosopher i had studied in my Philosophy class.

**It's a Wild One!!**

*Most know i worked at Cedar Point this summer, and one of my favorite entries is one that i wrote pertaining to my wonderful summer job. Noone has really commented on it, but then again, by now, its in my archives, and most people don't dig through archives. This entry just reminds me of how hilarious Cedar Point is, and how sometimes there are double standards. Why exactly can you take your house on some rides, and you can't take glasses on another? The world may never know. Posted by Lori Rupert at October 11, 2004 07:51 AM

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