October 19, 2004

Scandalous little girl

Ok, this is a week later than i wanted it to be, but deal with it, im a busy girl, this was production week you know! :)

So, last weekend, October 8-10, i made my first trip ever on the turnpike, and boy what a trip it was. I drove to Ohio to visit some friends, and to check out Halloweekends, the spooky, Halloween themed, monster altered version of Cedar Point. I won't bore you with all of the details, but ill skip straight to the shady part. At Cedar Point, we have what are called ride prides. Ride prides are groups of teenagers that come from various locations with sports teams of colleges. They are paid to work for an entire weekend at various places in the park. Ride prides are gone after one weekend, they are there, then they are gone. For this reason, they can only work certain positions on certain rides and are not trained all that well. They are pretty much put there, told what they need to know, and left alone. Saturday morning when i drove into the park, lo and behold, a ride pride was working the traffic booth, you know, the one where people pay for parking. Lets just say that parking went up to nine dollars and me and the people i was with didn't feel like paying it. Knowing very well ride prides aren't trained thoroughly, we told the poor boy we were processing out. Processing out: leaving Cedar Point at the end of our contract, we should have had termination papers or something, he should have asked to see them. He didn't, we weren't actually processing out, and i didn't have to waste nine dollars on parking. (Don't try this one, there usually aren't ride prides at these booths.) Next, we headed to the back of the park where we met up with some old friends. The one girl i was with used to work on Gemini, DJ, the team leader of Gemini, knew me because i used to work with him before he got moved to that ride. He sees us on the midway, comes down and says: "Come up here, ill put you girls on." He escorts us up the back stairs (employees only) and up behind the control booth. He then proceeds to place us into the next train, no waiting in line involved. After our free ride on Gemini, we headed over to Millenium Force, where we proceeded to march up the exit, ride agains in hand. (FYI, the head honchos give out ride agains when a ride breaks down, and people stand in line for a billion hours, we got them off a friend, employees aren't supposed to use them, but technically, none of us using them are currently employed there. SCORE for loopholes). So anywho, we get placed on the Force, right from the exit, no waiting in line for us. After that, we proceeded to head over to Top Thrill Dragster, where we got parent swapped up the exit, once again no waiting in line for us. (FYI #2-Parent Swap-One parent goes to our entrance, gets a purple slip, waits in line, rides the ride, gives the purple slip to one of our unload employees, exits, takes their young children, and then sends their spouse, older child, or whomever was watching the younger children up the exit. The person, along with one other who fits our ride requirements are then placed on the next train, no wait.) I was Smithy, and my friends were Christian. We handed our parent swaps to the unload person, walked down the exit, walked back up and gave our last names, were given back our swaps, and rode the ride. (We later walked up the exit again, we had given the glorious purple slips back when we got off, entitling us to another ride.) We then proceeded to head towards Raptor, and later on, Magnum, which we proceeded to walk up freeway with, telling the ride pride working our freeway stamps had washed off. It was a day of scandalousness, and i found it hard to believe i could be so shady, but hey, i worked my ass off all summer, i deserved some recognition, and plus, i know a hell of a lot of people that work there, thus giving me extra priveleges as well. My scandalousness continued Sunday night, at the Incubus concert, where my friend and i didn't even go to our original seats. As soon as the lights went down, we ran to the front. People came, so we moved back a row, people came again so we went back up top and waited till the lights went down again and ran back down front, where we remained for the rest of the entire concert. It was amazing. But, now that that is out of my system, ive returned to perfect, little angel mode. Even an angel has to break out sometimes. :)

Posted by Lori Rupert at October 19, 2004 07:16 PM
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