November 30, 2004

Calling all entries....

*Kaleidoscope proudly brings you round two: A look inside the blogs (academic related) of Lori Rose Rupert. Enjoy the odd views and interesting interpretations and feel free to comment!*

*Lets begin with my presentation. A favorite of mine(although how it couldn't be my favorite is beyond me considering i have read it so many times):), The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Twisted Inside Herself takes a look into the psychological aspect of The Yellow Wallpaper. What exactly made Jane go crazy, or was she crazy to begin with? Take a look at my views, perhaps they can further help you to formulate your own.

*Slightly psychological as well, I looked into the way Tom Sawyer wanted to do everything "how it was supposed to be done". Does violence in televison influence kids? Does violence in books influence kids? Books sure influenced Tom Sawyer. Check out my connection of the two. Although not necessarily my belief, i think the two topics do relate.

*Real or imagined, John Henry was an influential hero, and a normal man at that. Don't believe me, or don't agree? Wanna know why i think that way?

*Does anyone really know how another person is truely feeling? Does anyone really dig deeper, past ones actions and speech to determine what they are actually thinking or how they are actually feeling? Rich and famous does not necessarily mean one is happy. Although, due to its content, discussions and opposing viewpoints may arise, Death is often unexpected has been published so that one may take a (brief) look into the lives of two "happy" men and their tragic suicides.

*Although dear friend Amanda has taken the route of feminism related to Ambrose Bierces The Devils Dictionary, I have chosen to take a look the real truth behind the claimed sarcastic, anti feminist piece of work.

*We experienced the script reading of our very own soap opera, at our very own Seton Hill University, in our very own American Lit class. Fascinating, i must say. (not).

*Creation of the Whites, to me, was just a need for a legend taken out of the Bible. Kind of like...the Bible revised. Or something of the sort, while interesting to read, im not sure i really liked it. I expressed my views a little bit more in my comments section, a response to dear Tiffany

**Whoa Random**
**A story of determination, a confession of guilt, a realization of rights forgotten, and a post similar to Amandas, all rolled into one.

***Lets Discuss***
Very few people decided to comment on my blogs this time, even the ones i had up ultra early, but, i guess you will have that. I still love my fellow bloggies anyways:)

***Tiffany, kind soul that she is, commented on two of my entries, bringing up interesting viewpoints which i kindly responded to. (Although the comments didn't happen till a later date, i decided to include them, so i could at least have two blogs which someone commented on. Death, and religion, very different, but nonetheless, very interesting topics indeed.

Sadly, round two has come to an end. None of my other entries were commented on, and I, silly person i am, neglected to comment on other peoples blogs. Lack of time was a big factor in this neglection, sorry fellow bloggies, and instructor Jerz:(

Posted by Lori Rupert at November 30, 2004 10:50 PM
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