January 31, 2005

My "couple" day

Sunday is my very own (well, mine and my significant others very own) couple day. As long as i don't have to work, Sunday consists of us doing something together, just us, uninterupted entertainment. The usual conversation taking place on a Sunday at approximately noon is this:
*Me-"What do you want to do today?"
*Kenny-"I dunno, whatever you want to do."
*Me-"No really, what do you want to do?"
*Kenny-"Whatever you want, you pick something"
And so on and so forth. Yesterday, at lack of creative ideas, i suggested a movie. Kenny semi agreed, but later came up with the better suggestion to go snowboarding/sled riding. We ended up doing both, and sequentially, both events provided unplanned entertainment.

Snowboarding/sled riding- I had no clothes what-so-ever at my boyfriends house that would provide me warmth from the chilly outerworld, nor did i have any up at school. This problem was solved in more ways than one. First of all, it wasn't too cold out, and second of all, duh, my boyfriend has warm clothes, he works outside in the winter. I wore a pair of his long johns (or long underwear, whichever one prefers), my pants, my shirt, and his big heavy jacket, concluding with my fuzzy, turquoise gloves. In short, i had a good time, although we didn't stay too long, i went down the hill two or three times on the sled, and i went down once on the snowboard, making it further than i thought, which unfortunately, still wasn't very far. However, i was told i did good for my first time on a snowboard, AND i was the only girl their with enough guts to do it. The unplanned entertainment, somewhere in the midst of the sled riding and snowboarding, was me saving a little boy from getting biffed(i.e. hit, hurt, knocked over) by an intertube. I met Jacob when he walked up the hill alongside my boyfriend, exclaiming that he was going over the snowboarding jump on his sled. He got to the top of the hill and began fighting with his sister over the sled. I grabbed the sled i had been using (Me being the kid loving peacemaker i am) and invited him to go down the hill with me on my sled. His father was somewhere on the side watching, and he told me his hands were cold. After solving the problem by giving him my gloves, we headed on our way down the hill. It was a good ride, i forgot how much i missed sled riding. We headed back up, me pulling the sled and him walking beside me, head down, just talking away. I looked up just in time to see another kid barreling towards Jacob(a small for his age seven year old). The intertube had spun and the kid was going backwards, he could not see where he was going, nor was Jacob paying attention. I threw the sled that was in my hand, wrapped my arms around Jacob and threw myself backwards. I landed, with him on my chest, moments before the intertube bounced off my shoulder. The kid on the tube goes" I think i wrecked into something" That something, was me. It was amusing though, because of the way he said it, i knew that it wouldn't hurt me, but Jacob, although it wasn't a life threatening situation, would have more than likely been airborne. Funny part was, as we were walking up the hill, i was thinking exactly about that action and how people save people by pushing them out of the way all the time in movies, and i thought "Wouldn't it be funny if i had to do that someday.." Two minutes later what do you know? Ive got a seven year old on top of me and an intertube bouncing off of me. It was a cool experience, i don't even think he knew what happened, i just set him back down and went up the hill, my boyfriend and all of the people we were with didn't even see what happened.

The movie-Kenny got bored playing outside and said he wanted to go to the movie, so we went to see the 4:15 showing of Hide and Seek. It was my pick (we always take turns picking movies) and i had been wanting to see this one since i saw previews. The beginning was a little slow, and a little bit random, but the action began to pick up, and by the end, everything random came together. The ending was spectacular, although part of me thinks its a set up for a sequel. The unplanned entertainment was most definitely the plot itself. I had expected the little girl to be possessed at first, but as the movie progressed, i thought she had made friends with an actual person, however, when i realized who her friend "Charlie" was, i was very surprised. I never saw it coming, and it was definitely more psychological than i thought. I thought it was good, and i was glad i went to see it, however, upon a slight discussion with a fellow classmate, i found out others didn't think it was so good. Stormy thought the ending was good, but the rest was "slow and stupid"

All in all, it was a good "couple day" ended by some KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken, for any silly gooses who didn't know that) and some quality super walmart grocery shopping, followed by spending quality time with my other love, Chaucer, whom i actually must go visit right now, im learning all about his life, cheers for biographies. :(

Posted by Lori Rupert at January 31, 2005 02:57 PM
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